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Emerick, the newest R&B sensation to come out of the nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario. With his sights set on the stars and his love for making music continually growing, there seems to be no visible end to the RnB sensation known simply by the mononym, Emerick.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music

My big cousin is responsible for getting me into R&B. She introduced me to Blackstreet, KCi & JoJo & R.Kelly to name a few. She was offered the chance to be backup vocalist for a famous French singer named Corneille so singing runs in the family. I recall also being inspired by the movie Sister act with Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill. I could relate to the black boy in the choir who could hit that super high note but was shy at first. Kind of breaking out of his shell. Must be the reason why I was in the school’s choir in high school. Helped me with voice control and developing skills. I ended up coming to a crossroad and I decided to choose music. You get that tinkle in your heart when something means so much to you so I knew I made the right decision.

What was it like growing up in Ottawa, Ontario? What can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown? Could you tell us about some of the most exciting or interesting live performances you’ve been a part of?

Growing up in Ottawa is great. This city is multi-cultural which gets you in tune with different cultures and unique sounds. As for the music scene, Im part of a new wave. The latest artists to put us on the map were Belly & Massari and they did an amazing job! It’s now time for the next generation to uplift Ottawa and bring some attention back to us. The talent is endless here, I could name artists for days. More shows taking place, turnouts always positive and just evolving. Hard work is still needed but we’re heading in the right path. The best performer I’ve seen was
David Banner as a backup for G-Unit back at the Corel Centre. He’s a big guy but he was doing acrobatic flips like cheerleaders. He also has a kid on his shoulders from the crowd and everyone was hype. I’ll never for get him for that! As for myself, in high school I performed a french version of “Rock My World” by Michael Jackson. I wrote the lyrics the night before and killed the stage. Getting on stage is an adrenaline rush like no other!

What experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of your new EP “From Da Heart”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks? What was it like working with Jibbs on ‘My Baby’?

The timing was just right. “Makes Me Sad” official video was released on Youtube and on various blogs. I was determined to take serious leap into becoming the artist that I am. “From The Heart” is my introduction to the world. My fans and future fans get to enjoy great music with a fresh sound from someone they don’t know yet but soon will. I showcase my potential as a songwriter.

Get Money feat. Spider-Loc: Another collab with the Westcoast Boss  (G-Unit affiliated). Together we got good chemistry so if it aint broke, dont fix it- type of thing.

ATM feat. Niko Doughski & Fedarro: S/O to Doughski on the collab, 613 thing. S/O to Fedarro on the hook and the entire STL movement. Fun radio-friendly track.

Makes Me Sad: Just a beautiful song about heartbreaks and maturity. Production by Tony Sway. Visual out right now, receiving great reviews. This will end up as one of my best songs ever.

Messin Around: Another production by Tony Sway. Feels like he gets me a lot with his instrumentals. Emotions that I look to bring out with a message. Its about growing up and being done with childish games. The will to please just one woman.

Makes Me Sad REMIX feat. El Dollar: El Dollar coming back after 15 years. He already loved the record, just added his Latin flava. S/O to him for also open me up to a new fan base and much love to all my Latinas. There was love from all over the globe. Texts, emails, phone calls so it feels real good for him and I’m grateful also.

For “My Baby”, Jibbs was the missing piece. I got in touch with his management and we made it happened. It’s my biggest seller right now so the formula definitely worked! Shout out to all my fans in St-Louis! I really love y’all.

What went into the making of the music video for your song ‘Makes Me Sad’? What about the music video for ‘Makin’ Luv’?

“Makin Luv” was my first ever visual. My teammate was battling cancer at the time and I was hoping it would give him the courage to keep on fighting, knowing all the love he was receiving and that he meant a lot to us all.

What does the rest of 2015 hold in store for Emerick? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

I got new music to release in the summertime. I like to keep on working always! A tour in Canada with El Dollar is in the works plus more visuals to drop as well. Big collabs with some of your favorite artists. Also, to be getting even closer with my fans, I’ll be doing vlogs titled “Heart2Heart, giving an in depth look into me. Can’t forget about many surprises so don’t forget to go subscribe to my Youtube page to stay in tune with everything “Emerick”.

Connect With Emerick:
Twitter: @ITSPABOY

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