Hailing from Otolopo, Delta state of Nigeria, this music duo known as Emoshoon Ophy is spreading quickly across the globe. The first half of the group, Emoshoon is from Nigeria, and got her start in the arts at a very young age. At the age of 3, she started dancing with a local group in her town which was led by her grandmother. It wasn’t long after that she captivated crowds with her sumptuous voice – leaving her audiences breathless yet wanting more. She was most recently awarded “Best Nigerian Female Act” March 2013 at the NEU Awards. The second half of the duo, Ophy D’Psalmist (OPHY), hails from Issele uku, Delta state. He, like Emoshoon was brought up around music and developed a deep love for poetry and music throughout his younger years. Ophy enjoys writing most of the lyrics in which he convey’s positive messages to their audience. Combined, Emoshoon and Ophy create a whirldwind of ethnic musical backgrounds with eclectic performances, guaranteeing their audience an enjoyable, musical experience. Enjoy our interview with Ophy of “Emoshoon Ophy” below!

Entertwine: When did you all form as a music group? How did you meet? When did you realize music something you wanted to pursue?

Ophy: We started up in the summer of 2010. Though we’re from the same state in Nigeria with only a few kilometres separating our village from each other, we never met until 2010. We met in our tribesmen get together in Antwerp. That was when we got to know each other and Emoshoon expressed her passion for music and later asked me to manage her as an artist. This for me wasn’t a problem because I loved music and know a few things about it. 

From our background, music has always been part of our daily life; when we wake, pray work/study eat, or sleep. Emoshoons grandmother had a traditional dance group everywhere she went. She took her along and from that point she started to develop love for music and entertainment generally. On my part, I grew up in Lagos and had the privilege to listen to all forms of music because I was blessed with an aunty who had a heart for music and at a point one of the best radio DJs in Nigeria, was our next door neighbor. I’ve always loved music and ready to do anything related to the music I love without checking my time or cost I’ve done everything concerning music promotion, MC, DJ, but never nursed the ambition to write a song sing or be on the front stage.

However Emoshoon always her eyes in music since she has been part of some practical part of it from a young age. When she Came to Europe she continued to look for someone to help, she worked with a lot of producers but their efforts didn’t produce much time constrain on the part of the producers. Music is time consuming; you must have love for it before you dabble into the Arena.

When we met it was like Fusion – we have almost same ideas towards everything (like mind) we work tirelessly but not under pressure. We do everything to best of our ability and knowledge. Emoshoon had the stage first because it was about her in the beginning while i took care of the behind the scenes. It was on our first recording appointment that Emoshoon told me to snap out of it and come to the front. We had already recorded a couple of songs before I stepped up around January 2011.

ET: What inspires you all to write and perform? Why?

O: Where doves fly they sing. If you have the heart of a bird, nothing else matters but your duty and reason for existence to send good news. We just want to see smile on peoples faces, so love for mankind is our ultimate motivation and inspiration. If you look at the state of the world right now, life isn’t easy for everyday people – somebody somewhere needs to be encouraged and it gives satisfaction when you hear your little noise was music to someone. 

ET: If you could explain your music in three words, what would they be?

O: Afro – Beat – Music.

ET: How has your diverse backgrounds influenced the way you write, perform and or see music?

O: Music is organized noise because what some people call music can be regarded as noise to another group of people. As we travel from place to place in our adventure in music, we observe, learn and put these experience in the lyrics of our music.so everyone can be part of it. This gives our music a different vibe and feeling. We see music like the art of story telling where you have to bring elements like drama, action, emotion and poetry uniquely together to keep fans listening. If everyone feels comfortable then you can get your message across. Sitting in between two continents gives us a wider understanding of the world we live in and gives us a wider audience.

ET: Where do you get your motivation to write lyrics? What are most of your songs about?

O: Our motivation to write comes from God, and we appreciate God for the talent. Our Music is about love and respect for one another and Glory to God, but we do it in our own way.

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