A multi talented and multifaceted lover of good music, Ercy Mirage is an accomplished and season audio studio composer, director, engineer, producer, and piano enthusiast. Since a teenager, he has been rocking out clubs across the world, in cities like, New York, London, Stockholm, Brussels and more. Queens NY native, spearheading the dance and techno scenes that would later transform the Tech infused Hip-Hop music of today. Having worked alongside other talented producers like, Noah “40” and Joseph Indelicato. Ercy has gone beyond music and produced for Lexus, General Electric, and Pepsi Cola corporations and has worked alongside grammy and academy award winning and nominated artists, such as Rick Rubin and The Weeknd. With several releases on the way, including soundtracks for Round Seven Films, Sade’s remaster and the rework of “Kiss of Life remix”, Anders “I Wish Remix”, and the infamous remix to Mobb Deep’ “Shook Ones”. The anomoly producer remains a triple threat to the game. Only here at Entertwine.net can you get a first look at Ercy Mirage’s NEW album – enjoy below!

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What led you to begin creating and composing in the first place? You’ve performed all over the world in cities such as London, Stockholm, and Brussels, correct?

Ercy Mirage: I’ve always had a love for the sound of music in all its infinite forms: listening to Michael Jackson a kid, always wondering how they did it. The process of making music always haunted/hooked me, where I was fixated to the point where curiosity turned into reality. It rained through me fluently, like a language I‘ve spoken before… Growing up in New York, the musical influence was all around me and was completely undeniable. The city that never sleeps ia the mecca of all the world’s most talented DJ’s and producers who were performing in every local spot and venue imaginable. The potential of the music industry was too intriguing for me to let go or say no. House music has always been the genre I was most fascinated by, an open forum, free of judgments and the conventional methods of making a song, which allowed my imagination to run wild. After a series of successful releases and a whirlwind of support, I was fortunate to visit some of the places I had only read about. Every city has its own unique story and experiences that I cherish. Performing in an intimate beach club in Barcelona facing the water. Being able to connect with a room full of people, some like-minded and some that can teach you new (things) is one of the most rewarding part of being a producer – just too see them there, hands up, dancing to your song. It’s an incredible feeling. I( mean that’s like only in the movies right? Lol)”

ET: You’ve recently released (or are scheduled to release) a number of remixes of other artists’ material, including ‘I Wish’ by Anders, ‘Kiss Of Life’ by Sade, and ‘Shook Ones’ by Mobb Deep; what qualities do you look for in a song you’re thinking of re-working or remixing?

EM: I am always looking for young and up and coming artists, I admire passion in its infancy, people who are driven and motivated. It’s when creation is free of distraction and superficiality. It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a record, as I always look to relate myself to and put myself within the context, to ascertain the reasons for _.

Growing up in Queens New York, Sade and Mobb Deep were influential, having showcased their real lives and natural talent. There was something about Sade that always made me relax and that almost everyone could relate to. Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” was always that song that I knew by heart without ever owning a copy of the record (it was on the radio constantly) and was playing in the club, cars passing by, etc…[ Like I said, it was completely natural for me to “touch”.. I use the word Touch because I didn’t want to DO TOO much to the record, keep the same premise but speeding it up with the big hats and the rumbling basslines that shake the foundation of your soul. Lol]

ET: What was it like growing up in Queens, New York? What is the music scene like there? What do you miss most about NY in general?

EM: Queens is a tough city. I was exposed to every different culture in the world; I had Arabic neighbors, an Indian best friend, and a Jewish girlfriend, and an African American mentor. Then there was the Asian food. My group of friends was mostly Albanian, but we hung out with absolutely everyone without regard to what their ethnicity, religion, or background was. We were all the same, just trying to make it in the big city. Hardworking with a family unit. The music scene is mostly Hip-Hop in Queens and all of NY. There was a growing affection for electronic music in the 1990’s. I picked up on a lot of house music based off that..


ET: What prompted the creation of Substantial Music? What is your involvement with the company? What about with EME-NY?

EM: Well, for so long we talked about a comeback.. and that’s exactly what we did.. we put together all of our materials and rocked out! Without regards, EME Music is and always has been my company, I literally stands for Ercy Mirage Entertainment. EME is the mother company of everything I have owned in the past, X-List, to PINQ etc.

Substantial Music is trademarked under EME. It’s just our outlet for good underground techno and tech-house music.

ET: What has it been like working with Grammy-winning producers such as Noah “40” as well as breakout artists such as The Weeknd?

EM: Well, TheWeeknd and I have had a very close relationship throughout the years, we started almost at the same time and our collaboration, business wise, picked up and was very successful. I try really hard to not get into his spotlight or do anything musically with him. Tagging along his breakout tour was a real honor for me. Being able to visit the place we did was truly a blessing. “40” is the reason why I even know Abel, he is the reason why I got into hip-hop in the first place. He gave me opportunities that no one else did and for that I am forever grateful! He is a musical genius. I admire his talent and his passion for music. I truly think, both of them deserves everything they have coming!

ET: You’ve produced for Lexus, General Electric, and Pepsi; what have those experiences been like? Please tell me more about compose and produce soundtracks for film companies?

EM: Well, being able to score music for some of the biggest corporation in the world is and will always be mind boggling to me. You’re sitting across the room from some of the great and smartest people on planet earth. The technical ability has to be implemented all the way. I mean these guys played no games. It was definitely a huge challenge for both the production side and my own personal experiences. I mean to be able to use some of the state of the art equipment, is truly exhilarating. I had a great time working for lexus, shooting a series of lexus commercials, It was definitely fun, we got to drive the LS460, the FF sport cars, haha more fun than work, I have attached the reel for you to see.

ET: What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your upcoming album “.Only You”? Do you have a release date set for the album? What has reception been like on the two tracks you’ve released to the public (via Beatport and Soundcloud) so far?

EM: Well, the 2-track EP was just release recently exclusively on beatport. The 12-track album is coming sometime in 2015! We’re working on it!

To answer your question, I have been working on some of the records on the album for almost 7-years, its sounds crazy but it’s the truth.
It is something I hold close to me, music has always been. It was my escapism if I could. Its an emotional outlet. Its like spilling your emotions through music, it’s the only way to describe your emotions I feel.. I think the album showcases, not only my ability to show to everyone that I could make good music but the fact of the diversity of the production, I think for me, is what stands out. Ofcourse influences, I talk about this, i show

thanks to some of the greatest people I have ever know who have pushed me, influenced me, motivated me into becoming the man/producer I am today! Yes! Thank you guys! I love you all! lol

ET: What inspired the visual design/album artwork of “.Only You”?

EM: It’s a picture I actually took, It is the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I go there a lot to escape from the city, a lot of emotions, thoughts and ideas were originated there. I just sit, dangling my feet while I stare into nothing, It’s a spontaneous shot I took from my iPhone, ofcourse the designing team had fun with it after, lol

ET: How will you market your upcoming album?

EM: Andrew Sanders. Lol Well, were working closely with Spotify, Pandora and MTV so, we think we have a great shot to maximize the albums exposure.

ET: Will you be touring or performing in support of its release?

EM: Actually, Were working on something right now! Im excited, some exciting people are involved i truly look forward to it! Keep up with me on twitter/ercymirage I will update as soon as I can!

Out Exclusively on Beatport.com 2-TRACK LIMITED FROM THE ALBUM

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