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Rap Artist EsZ (Erron) keeps his message close to home, presenting an audible sketch of characters based on the colorful lives of those he’s known, loved and lost on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and cities abroad. “I had an art teach who would have us freestyle / freehand draw in our sketchbooks…whatever came into our mind…I ended up writing a song,” says EsZ ( pronounced easy ) of his new album which is being dubbed as an audible storyboard.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? What inspired you to begin writing lyrics? You also draw, correct? How do you work these two passions into your everyday life?

EsZ: I grew up around a lot of different types of music, from reggae & merengue to oldies, rock to even classical, yet hip hop spoke to me more, but my ears have been exposed to a lot. Especially the connections it made. Watching people sing along to there favorite song, words that someone else wrote, as if it was there own.. I wanted that. Yes, I was an “Artist” first, so naturally I would draw more.. Music kind of just crept in. If I feel inspired to do one , then thats what I’ll be doing. See a pretty girl on instgram, I would draw her.. See a Pretty girl on the train, I would write about how I would have drawn her if i remembered her face…

What is it like living in Brooklyn, New York? What is the music scene of Brooklyn like?

It’s Brooklyn, It’s home. I’ve moved around alot, but always came back. Now adays it’s starting to remind me a little of Spike Lee’s ” Do The Right Thing ” …still “Crooklyn” tho …minus the stadium in my…It is diverse! 

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your debut release “Songs In My SketchPad”? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks?

Watching dudes rap in cyphers and how the crowd reacted had me hooked. I wanted that so, I started writing lines, then verses. I didnt want anyone to know I was writing so I did it in my sketch pad to make it look like I was just drawing.

All the songs on the album are loosey based of those “freeverse”, how I was feeling at those times. Thats how I wanted to start this since thats how It all somewhat started. They’re still all “Sketches” in a sense..with any project there’s a first draft second and so forth working towards the final.

Started Off with a line , Is the brief ” How it started ”
Rock Paper..Fame ( All My Life ), the brief is the Why I started
That Pink ( Pink Paint ), a song about …That Pink…Paint 🙂
Falling Leaves ( Caught up In the Game), I’m a Zelda fan…its a love song about choices
Mind Drfiting (Scribbled on the Train), Wondering what if
S.I.M.S , my conclusion ” What”

If you are not already currently doing so, do you have any plans to collaborate with other musicians or artists in the creation of their album artwork or visual imagery?

Sure, I have worked with a few local artists.

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How will you ring in the new year? What does 2015 hold in store for EsZ?

New experiences, I just finished shooting my next video, have a new song out called ” Last December 13,2014 ..( 8 planets )” so thats exciting , more art , love and inspiration!

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