A performer from a very young age, singer, dancer and model Farrah Washington is making her musical debut with the release of her first official EP, Neoteric, in October 2014. Even though she is rather shy, Farah is no stranger to the spotlight and she comes alive when she sings – opening her heart and letting her fans in. This EP is close to her heart – it tells the story of her first love and she wrote every word from the soul. We got the chance to interview Farrah to talk about debut EP’s, music videos, and more below!

Entertwine: You began writing music in high school, correct? What inspired you to begin writing in the first place?

Farrah: I have gone through a lot in my life. I felt that writing was the only way to express myself without going crazy and without having people judge me. At first, I started off expressing myself in a diary. Eventually, I started to transition into expressing myself through music, because I always loved to sing. Now I pore my feelings out over beats. 

What is it like living in Los Angeles, California? What has been your experience with the different music scenes of Los Angeles?

It’s a very fast life out here, but the people are quite friendly. Everything is always moving, and everyone has their own amazing style. 

The music scene is crazy! There’s so much music going on out here. It’s hard to keep up with the hottest underground artists. Mainstream artists are always pretty easy to keep up with though. 

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your debut EP “Neoteric” (released this past October)? Could you tell us about each of the five featured tracks? What inspired the creation of the EP’s artwork?

At the time, I was going through a very transitional period in my life. I had grown up a lot and was just getting over a heartbreak, so a lot of the songs were inspired from that break up. Being able to tell my story through music is the only way that helped at the time.

When it came to the artwork we wanted something a little cryptic, and not so  bold and in your face. I wanted the artwork to reflect the emotions on the EP as well as the EP’s general sound. 

What was it like working with five separate producers on this album? What was the recording process like for each track?

It was amazing. I love the producers I worked with on this EP. Working with different producers gave me the ability to find out which producers I have chemistry with. It also allows me to have a different sound and challenge myself with their beats. 

For me, recording is the best part. I always know the way I want a song to sound in my head, so being able to execute that in the studio and then hear it sound exactly the way it does in my head is amazing. 

What was it like filming the music video for 5.3.1?

Well… it was my first video so I have to say it was very memorable. Press Play Media did their damn thing with the video. They were very kind and sweet to me and their ideas for the video were amazing. I’d recommend them to any artist. Plus I had a good team there making sure everything was together. My management team (EF Music) made it very easy for me to get the video done without any type of frustrations, so I’d have to say it’s my best experience so far.

How would you describe your particular sound to someone who has never heard your music before? Do the sounds, styles, and textures of your inspirations influence the sound and overall presentation of your original compositions?1010401_619072048146755_1514756965_n

I would describe my sound as Pothead R&B. As far as influences, I would say that Sade has had a big influence on my music, especially when it comes to  song arrangements. She never makes a song too complicated. She gets to the point of what she’s saying, and puts beautiful harmonies on it.

How have your fans and listeners responded to your debut EP? What are some of the most meaningful comments that people have shared with you regarding your talent / skill?

They love it, which is amazing. The most meaningful comments that stand out from my fans are that that they relate to the story I’m telling and they feel I’m singing their stories too. This means a lot, because I want to be able to touch on common feelings. It means a great deal to me that people are able to relate to my story because, I know I’m not the only one who has gone through something. Others have told me it relaxes them and puts them in a zone when they want to vibe out and forget the world for a little bit, and I love that. I want to be able to help my listeners be taken away momentarily from their problems and just escape, because I love to do that as well.

What does 2015 hold in store for Farah? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled for the new year?

2015 holds new music, more performances, and more growth as an artist for me.  I will have performances within LA and the I.E from now through 2015, and I hope I see a lot of my fans coming out.

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