This next Rising Artist we interviewed is pretty new to the rap scene, as he has only been rapping for about 4 months now, and writing songs for a little over a year. This artist goes by the name of Jay, but is better known on stage as “Fate.” Fate started getting into music around the age of 7, when he got his 1st electric guitar – some of his first songs learnt being AC/DC tunes. Ever since his days in high school, Fate has been trying to perfect his craft every day. Whether it meant going to talent shows or performing locally, he continues to put in effort to become a better musician and performer. Fate hopes to one day be able to become as big of an empire as artists like “Death Row,” “Young Money,” and “Bad Boy,” which we learned in the interview below, amongst other fun facts about this upcoming hip hop artist!

Entertwine: What led you to pursue a career in music? I’ve always been interested in music since around the age of 7 my dad brought me an electric guitar and taught me how to play some AC/DC music and ever since that I always had a passion for making music. I got into rap from my brother we would always be riding down the road bumping 2pac,biggie,Eminem, three 6 mafia, e-40, lil john, mike jones, and many other popular 90’s. Man I remember when country grammar by nelly was the hot track of the week. We had that bumping all summer that year lol. My brother took notice of my interest into rap music and got me a mic and from there I got to where I am today. I’m not no pro but I try to improve daily.

What experiences or life events have shaped your music? Well I wasn’t the best kid growing up me and my mother where always butting heads. I used to do some pretty dumb shit back in high school and was part of the wrong groups for lack of better words. Also when I was first starting out my partner left me and took the money we made as his own so I started to write about that along with going to jail, me and my mama, and many other things that I’ve actually lived thru.

Who or what influences you to write and perform? I get a lot of my influence from 2pac and Eminem to be honest. As far as the writing and storytelling goes as I grew up to listen to them my whole childhood with my brother. Also I try to take from real life events and form it into a story. I may add some “Hollywood” to it to make it more relatable but a lot of my songs come from the aspect of yea that’s what I went thru.

What are some of the most exciting live performances you’ve been a part of? I think the best ones are the ones I’m currently doing. Performing at colleges is a blast you meet so many artist trying to come up from all these open mics and you get fans that can relate more to you. I hope to find more of those as the after parties are my kind of thing if you know what I mean.

What is in store for you for the rest of 2015? Well me and a few artist I met up with are planning on making a group called “The Movement” and are goal is to come up as a squad rather than us trying to tackle the music industry solo. As we all know that can be a beast in itself. Although, we are just in the beginnings of things, I have ideas for projects and a lot of mixtapes and just overall promotion thru the summer as we sit and decide how to tackle it.

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