460064_375124039199844_1333151852_oAmbient music is a genre that isn’t paid much attention to – at least on mainstream radio, and after hearing Fathom Blue’s style, we want more! Fathom Blue is a NYC based ambient, drum beat grooving tidal-wave that just made it’s debut crashing through Brooklyn’s famous Knitting Factory. There’s a lot of “buzz about town” as this two piece continues to give a face to the mostly unexplored ambient, rock, scene. We asked frontman, Mike Signorelli a few questions about his band and what they have planned for the new year in 2014!

Entertwine: What originally attracted you to start creating this ambient, groove, pop style of music?

I was so sick of hearing the typical power chord driven, pop-punk infused, copycat garbage. That, and I was even sick of this “outgun each other” mentality in the prog-rock scene. This progression into groove oriented ambient music with a rock edge came from years of drumming before crossing over to fronting a band too. It’s really been a long road! Haha

ET: Any type of prior musical background that made this style come to fruition?

I love a lot of “shoe-gazy” and “nu-gazy” type of music from Appleseed Cast to M83. I like ambient elements when they’re connected to some musical “meat-on-the-bone” as well. So the idea of using my open D tuned guitar stylings (which incorporate a lot of 6 string chording) was really exciting. I learned how to craft something that sounds like me and not another artist.

ET: Ambient music is a genre that isn’t very much explored – for reasons we aren’t sure, especially after hearing your work! What do you think the general listening public should know about this genre? Why should they listen to it?

I’ve always been a fan of heavy music. We recently released 40 songs worth of material in three volumes, and volume three consists of an entire record of heavy material. The problem occurs when that musical palette limits your emotional expression. Heavy, distorted guitar is emotive, but getting into ambient territories in addition to that soundscape offered us a much broader prism of feeling. I don’t think that ambient elements are explored as much partly because it’s really expensive to do well. Haha The guitar pedals it requires to create huge, synth soundscapes with are not a affordable as the “Metal distortion” or “flanger/phaser duo!” pedals. Haha


I think ambient music is something that people universally love to vibe out to though. It has a trance-like effect in a live setting and draws the listener into the experience in a way that other musical forms fall short. Basically, stay away from it and leave it to us professionals for now haha

ET: Where did the name, Fathom Blue originate? Any underlying meaning or message behind the name?

FB: When I turned 16, I used the money I had saved up to purchase my own car. I spent a couple of months in a friend’s body shop repairing it and getting it ready for a fresh coat of paint. I purchased the late-60’s GTO paint color “Fathom Blue” and had the entire car under primer. Before I was able to complete the project, my car was stolen by my step father and sold for drug money (He was an addict). The only thing I had left was that can of Fathom Blue paint. I couldn’t think of a better name for a rock band.


ET: How has your hometown of Brooklyn, New York influenced the upbringing of Fathom Blue?

FB: We’re actually not based in Brooklyn. I’m sure there’s some hipster who just lost their horned rimmed glasses over that line, but yeah, we are spread out between Queens and Long Island. But we just rocked the socks off of Brooklyn at The Knitting Factory a few weeks ago and plan on pretty much overtaking the Brooklyn scene in 2014.

ET: What does Fathom Blue look to accomplish in the new year of 2014?

FB: 2014 is an identity forming year. We just dropped three albums worth of nostalgia and can officially let everyone in on that decade’s worth of material. Now we are forging forward with an entirely re-imagined live set and hope to crank out a LIVE IN NYC album by the end of the year. Other than that, we are making friends all over the world and inching one step closer to total domination, or in the least, an 80’s dance party. Either way, this year is going to be great!

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