This summer, Oxford based hard rock band, Field Of Giants released their debut album, “We Are”. The album features a blend of heavily distorted guitars with huge sweeping choruses, contrasted by melodic vocals and impactful drums. The band take their influences from a variety of musical styles from progressive rock to traditional Arabic music. The full 13 track album runs at over an hour playtime offering the listener a dynamic experience, going from heavy guitar riffs to atmospheric swells. We got the chance to speak to Field of Giants, and get the low-down on the recording process of this album, what the response has been, and what is in store for this band for the rest of 2015.

Entertwine: How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name? Well Field Of Giants started as a project, something to keep that ‘musical itch’ at bay, so didn’t really a set roster of members. We just wrote music with musicians we thought were good. Then the songs for We Are (debut album) started to come about and we decided it was time to take Field Of Giants a bit more seriously, and get a more structured band. It’s great writing and performing with the band, best bunch of musicians I’ve ever come across. The name Field Of Giants is inspired by the music we love, huge guitar riffs, and expansive choruses. We love music that sounds gigantic and always try to encompass that into our own writing.

What is life like in Oxford, England? What can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown? Oxford is great, but fucking expensive… Our home town (Thame, Oxford) doesn’t really have much of a music scene theses days, which is a shame. A few people have tried to recover it, but no-one really that great. Most of our inspiration these days comes from a bit further afield. Back when we were in our young teens the music scene was fantastic, loads of grunge and alt rock bands, perfect to get a 13 year old into rock music. I’ll always look back at those gigs fondly, we started a band because of those guys and they’ll continue to be an influence even today.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of the band’s debut album “We Are”? What can you tell us about the featured tracks? What does the band’s writing and recording process look and sound like, and what musical equipment, instruments and programs does the band use live and in-studio? Hard to say what exactly inspired the music for ‘We Are’ I suppose just all the experiences of a 24 year old summed up in 13 songs. I tend to get angry a lot whenever I see the news, the planet is just so messed up right now, but everyone seems to be OK with it as long as they can watch the Xfactor. The writing process is pretty much just me screaming and swearing at Fox news ☺

I think we’ll have 5 featured tracks for this album ‘Let Go’ which is sort like an introduction to Field Of Giants, it’s also the first track on the album. ‘Make My Day’ which is the hard rock song, screaming vocals and all the rest. ‘Folded Paper’ is a bit calmer and dreamier, but still has a pretty beasty riff. ‘Backdoor Theories’ is a rock song, that I just really like… And ‘Rain’ is another one that people just seem to enjoy, not entirely sure why, perhaps I should ask ☺

In terms of equipment ‘We Are’ was recorded by Tom & Mike at Studio Focus Recordings, a studio in Oxfordshire, so most (if not all) of the gear used was theirs. For guitars we used a 1974 (I think) Gibson Les Paul, a 1994 PRS custom 24 and an American Fender Strat (not sure about the age). Those went into either a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier or Marshall JCM 800 for the distorted tones, or a Fender Supersonic for clean. A super old Vox AC30 was also sprinkled here an there. Bass was a Fender P-bass and Ampeg and the drums were DW with a shit tonne of mics (I can’t remember them all). Vocals were done on a Neumann valve mic then distorted slightly with a broken TubeTec compressor, which sounded great. The guys at Studio Focus really know what they’re doing, and have the best kit around (mixed on a TLA valve mixing desk). So going there was a no-brainer.

What went into the making of the music video for your song ‘Let Go’? For the music video, we were actually pretty happy to just let someone else have at it, see what their visualisation of the music was. The Void (team that made the video) really did a great job of that, bringing a whole new dimension to the song. They’ll also be doing future videos for Make My Day, Folded Paper, Backdoor Theories and Rain, so we’re really looking forward to seeing those.

What does 2016 hold in store for Field Of Giants, musically-speaking? Do you have any upcoming performances? Well, having just finished recording our debut album, We Are we’ll probably just be promoting that for a while. Then maybe a few gigs then back to writing! I’ve never really been a big fan of long tours unless you can justify with the amount of fans you have, and we’re not quite there yet. ☺ But anything can happen, so we’re looking forward taking a chance and seeing what the future holds!

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