Fire & The Romance is a band, founded on one principle- The desire to create a sound that is new, unique and relatable. Though most of the band has been writing music and touring for most of their life, this new collection of songs came from an epiphany that founder Dion Roy had while on tour in Europe as a Singer-Songwriter- and his vision of this larger musical idea needed to be put out into the world. This unique rock pop band took the time to answer a few questions about their new sound, and we assure you will love it as well.

ET: How long has Fire & The Romance been a band, and how did you all form? Was Pop/Rock always the genre of choice between all band members? What’s the story behind the name, “Fire & The Romance?”

Fire & The Romance: As Fire & the Romance we put out our first single in the beginning of February- but as a band its been about 3 months. We’re newborns, but we all come from a full on history of music and bands.

We kind of float between Rock, Pop, and just plain weird and creepy. I think that it’s all the voices that needed to come out while touring as a singer songwriter. We don’t really think about Genre, we just write. You can’t predict what people are going to react to, so you need to just stay true to the vision.

The name for Fire and the Romance came while I (Dion) was reading a whole lot of Oscar Wilde. I was really into his writing at the time and I thought that it surmised the passion and sometimes rage I had going on, and the Romance- well you know, we all need a little love. 🙂

ET: What was the “epiphany” that you had while on tour that re-inspired the sound of Fire & The Romance?

F&TR: I wanted to create music that I wanted to listen to. I wasn’t just creating music, my whole perspective flipped around, and where I began to source my songs from changed to a completely different place.

ET: Tell us a bit about your debut single, “Way Down Below.” What makes this single different from your past releases?

F&TR: Well, this is the first release by Fire and the Romance- and it’s a good example of things to come. It’s got teeth, but without being harsh. Catchy without being cheesy. You can expect more of that to come!

ET: The music video for “Way Down Below” is beautiful. What was the idea behind the video, and what was the filming process like?

F&TR: Thank you! My buddy and I (Peter ( were in California shooting some live footage (which will be released soon we promise!) and he had the idea that we should shoot this video in a dry lake bed near where he grew up. So we rented a 4×4 and we headed out to the desert! It all kinda came together from there.

ET: What is Fire & The Romance’s plans for 2014? Any upcoming shows/tours that fans can expect? Maybe an album release?

F&TR: We’ll be touring in May/June! We’re just putting the finishing touches on an EP that I’ve spent about 18 months preparing for but that will be done soon. And not to worry, we’ll be releasing our next song “She’s A Devil” in the coming weeks, so stay tuned at @ FireandtheMusic and if all goes according to my evil plan, the Adaptations EP sometime in the late summer.

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