FoEvaBeatz Aka “FoEva” began pursuing his music dreams at the young age of 15. He started as a beat maker, and now at 23 years old, FoEva is slowly becoming a power house in every category, for example; video productions, websites, and flyers. Originally from Lawton, Oklahoma, FoEva has been all over the United States and working on new material to debut to his listeners worldwide. Enjoy the interview with FoEvaBeatz below!

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? What led you to begin creating music in the first place?

Always been a so-called music computer geek, so once I got my first computer I downloaded FL Studios and begun at the time Lil Mik3d Now FoEvaBeatz the producer. Music is what people relate to so I guess that’s what really got me into making music. It’s what I would call my chill zone with the help of smoking and drinking.

What was it like growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma? What is the music scene of your hometown like?526580_4455048055031_1596975337_n

Normal, anything you think would happen in your city I’m sure it’s happened in yours. Gangs in the ghettos, and the army (Ft. Sill) making us even a city worth talking about in Oklahoma.

The music scene here honestly, it’s a low-key battle for who will be the first out; I can almost say everyone in the L has got at least one song they are trying to push. Hopefully we start to get some looks, but I know it’s a long shot due to a lot of Artist here not having there own style. So I’m hoping my style will sit the bar around here.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Why do these particular producers and / or artists inspire you?

T-Pain, Drake, J. Cole, Asap Rocky, the list is long. I look up to anyone who didn’t take a handout, the ones who are always finding new ways to change music. T-Pain always brings that club vibe with his music and that’s what I aim for. Drake, Come On all I have to say is his name and you know… J. Cole and Asap, I’m a fan of them because they start with only them, like the boat I’m swimming in, but now that they are in the face of the media they still haven’t changed from what you heard from them when they first started.

What can you tell us about the music that is featured on your Soundcloud page? What inspired the writing and tracking of these recordings?

Songs you hear from me is and will always be about what I’m going thru at that time. The writing is different, some days I will write maybe 2 bars to a song, then a few days later I’ll come across it on my phone or where ever I wrote it down at and be like this can be a hit. I have a few Producers I love working with in Tone Jonez and I-am K Beatz but if they can’t producer a beat for me believe me I be up all night working on my own production. A few of the tracks like This Weed and Nappy Headed Bastard (NHB) were all me one night just finding someway to show my feelings at that point time. If I had to pick a favorite track, it would be NHB by far, but I can already see that song getting over looked due to the title.

What does 2015 hold in store for FOEVABEATZ?

Building the brand and support channels to move forward, the release of my first mixtape called “High Roads”. Hopely more interviews, videos, and shows as well. At the end of the day I just need the help of city and state to back me while I make this run, Talent I got it but if no one cares it’s a waste.

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