Freddy Charles Reinert, better known as Freddy Charles, is a driven, passionate, charismatic and accomplished musician. Born in Philadelphia, he set out to make music with a diverse approach and with a unique twist. Although he is mostly specialized in drums and guitar, he is also a proficient vocalist and songwriter with 8 records released since 2008. This prolific artist is currently working on his 9th studio effort, working on his music in a completely independent way: Freddy is the only musician, audio engineer and producer behind his music.

Entertwine: When did you realize you loved music and it was what you wanted to pursue?

Freddy Charles: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with music.  I started getting serious though in my early twenties.

ET: What kind of musical background do you have that helped you develop musically? 

FC: My father played drums so I grew up around a drumkit.  He’d have me play along to classic rock records and eventually prog rock and jazz- that’s pretty much how it all began.

ET: When did you find your sound? Why did you pick this genre or sound?

FC: It’s an interesting question because I have such an affinity for playing both drums and guitar.  I consider myself a jazz drummer, and a rock/blues guitarist.  When I put it all together it becomes my “sound” -but I have a very unique voice on each instrument.

ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to writing and performing? Why?

FC: There are many, but Eric Clapton and Paul Rodgers seem to get better with age- I really admire that.  I also think Chris Cornell is one hell of a writer, and vocalist of course.

ET: What was it like growing up in Philadelphia? How did your local music scene influence or shape your sound as your career progressed?


FC: Philly has some great jazz guys running the circuit and has produced many great musicians.  Honestly though, my influences primarily came from across the pond.

ET: How does your music and your sound stand out from the rest in your genre?

FC: I think too many artists try to sound exactly like other artists.  How many more Eddie Vedder and Thom Yorke sound a likes do we need?  With my music, you can definitely pick up on my influences, but the overall sound I think is unique to me.

ET: You are a multi instrumentalist! You play drums and guitar, but you also sing which is incredible. If you had to choose, which one would you say you are most proficient in? Why?

FC: Drums. Although I’m out there as a front man, guitar in hand, I’m a drummer at the end of the day.  I’m much more technically proficient at drumming as well.

ET: What is your main message or feeling you strive to get across to your listeners?


FC: For starters, I like to think there is a lot of soul behind my music.  That’s the mainstay for me.  I also like to promote quality musicianship as much as possible in my records.  I’m not saying that everyone needs to show off their chops in every song, but I do think today’s rock music is rather bland.  I like to strike a balance for the listener that allows me to play at a high level, but still be pleasing to the ear for most people.

ET: Which song would you say best encapsulates your sound off your latest release?


FC: “Need My Love”   It’s has everything I stylistically like to cram into a track.  There’s prominent vocals and lyrics, all while finding a place to put a guitar and drum solo.

ET: What are you currently working on music-wise for the future? What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t writing or performing?

FC: I’m working on new material but I have no set release date in sight.  Outside of the studio, I travel all over the world with my wife for our travel company, Sienna Charles.

ET: What are your future plans for the rest of 2014? What can listeners expect?

FC: I’ve recorded over 100 tracks in the last few years.  I’m looking at my work and seeing what I want to release next, in addition to working on the new album.

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