Fruit n Beef from Santa Barbara, CA is a four piece rock band in which the fruit represents the juicy, soulful, rockin’ female vocals and the “beef” part, the heavy riffs and sound of guitars and blood pumping drums. With their new release “A LITTLE CRAZY” the band ventures back into the studio after a few months hiatus in which they took some time to work on writing new material and expand their sound. SThis rock band will take you on a journey with their songs ranging from mainly the 70`s to present rock influences and catchy melodies and simple messages about life and different situations in it. They always make you wonder what are they going to come up with next. We got to know Fruit n Beef a bit more in this exclusive interview only here on Entertwine!

Entertwine: Could you give us some background information on Fruit N Beef? How did each of the band members meet and begin creating and performing music together? Is there significance or meaning to the band’s name?

Fruit n Beef: The trio Henrieta Stepanovsky, Mario Stepanovsky and Robert Kminiak has been together for over a decade, created and recorded different musical projects and have been growing together as a band. After 5 years of performing and recording in their home country Slovakia they hungered for a better life and relocated to the United Kingdom and two years later to the state of Texas where they re-established the band and started to work on new music which brought them a winning spot at the local battle of bands on South Padre Island, TX. 4 Years later, the band moves to California and continues to play LIVE and evolves into what`s now known as “Fruit n Beef” with drummer Zac Godlove who played with them for a year.

In 2014 as shows slow down after Zacs departure, the band focuses on making new songs and later practices them with Austin Beede, local Santa Barbara drummer, who later records with Fruit n Beef at Playback studio, Santa Barbara in May 2014.

The name Fruit n Beef means that it could be any music. You never know what to expect from us. We can be very heavy but also very soft and we sure like to cross over. So Fruit n Beef could be anything, this way we don`t put ourselves in a box. We create as we feel like.

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Santa Barbara, California? Has the band performed in other areas within the state of California? What is it like living in Santa Barbara?

FnB: We have been living and creating in Santa Barbara for about 3 years now. Unfortunately, there is a narrower fan-base for our genre, but the area is still very supportive! Life in Santa Barbara is a little paradise with amazing beaches and it’s beauty is inspiring for the soul. Of course it expensive, but good things always are, so at the end it’s worth it. We would love to venture out of Santa Barbara and play in more cities in California! Someday we would love to play a concert series in our home country – Slovakia in Europe:-) Oh! And we were played by the local radio KJEE 92.9 here which was great!

ET: What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your new single ‘A Little Crazy’? You recorded three other new songs at Playback Recording Studio during the same time period, correct? How do these new compositions differ from and expand on your previous release (the EP “Into the Light”)?

FnB: The song “A little crazy” was something that just came out very naturally and quickly. I composed the song on my ukulele for nothing but fun about my workplace which is a cool local coffee shop. This place is like home and it`s a fun place to be. I thought the song should sound beachy and fun, just like it really is. Mario, the guitar player liked it and helped to finish up the song with arrangements and a bridge.

Soon after that we went to the studio. We recorded 5 more songs which sound more like our first EP “Into the light”, which is heavier rock.

ET: What went into the making of the music video for ‘A Little Crazy’? What about the videos for your other tracks (‘Hollow’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Jar’)?

FnB:The video for “A little crazy” was very fun to make. It was nothing but a good time, rocking out by the pool and jumping in at the end. We invited a few friends to help to shoot and for extras. We wanted to have a bunch of hot girls in bikinis but that didn`t come together. Maybe next time:-) We produce all the videos ourselves with help of friends. We shoot with anything from iphones to a good SLR. I edit to the best of my ability and we put it out. I think that watching a music video is much more effective and connects the listener with the song much better. So far it worked for us much better than just releasing on soundcloud.


ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for the band? Are there any tentative plans to tour the United States in the near future? What about touring overseas?

FnB: We plan to finish our recordings and slowly release them as we can. We are just having fun and do what we can to stay afloat. We would love to tour but it is not a realistic thought at all right now. When you don`t have a real budget to do this, there is only so much you are able to do.

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