Featured on Maxim.com, Spring Break Fever on The Travel Channel, and performed at the MTV Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida, Gas Station Disco is the premier rock band From NE Pennsylvania. In the short time since its formation, Gas Station Disco has rocketed to the forefront of the Eastern US Music Scene, and we got to interview them about their formation as a group, and their rise into the rock music scene, right here on Entertwine!

Entertwine: How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name?

We all were in different bands playing the same circuit and just became friends and decided to put Gas Station Disco together. At first we were going to play top 40 covers like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and just rock them up, so we called it Gas Station Disco, but that lasted a few months but by that point we had build a decent fanbase so we decided to keep the name and just roll with it. We went through a few different guitar players that didnít work out. “We ended up hiring Mike Danger as a videographer back in 2012 to shoot our videos, as well as do graphic design work. After a year of being on the road with us, we had to replace yet another guitar player and we needed to fill the guitar position and he mentioned he had played before and would love to try out. It has been history since.”

What is the music scene of your hometown like?

We are based in Central Pa and there isnít much of a music scene so we find ourselves having to travel the Eastern US to keep a full schedule. We do still do an occasion local show and they are great but most of our shows our out of the area in bigger towns and cities.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and record of your album “Port and Starboard”? Could you tell us a bit about each of the featured songs?

The band all write but Jason wrote All I See and Port and Starboard which are the 2 recent singles from the Record. He tends to write about bad break ups and relationship issues. While Rob, who wrote Dancefloor, the first single doesnít tend to write so much about experiences he has but experiences heís seen others go through and he occasionally inserts a person aspect or 2 into the song.

You’ve also released a number of covers through YouTube, iTunes, and Soundcloud, correct? What is the selection process like for songs the band (or members of the band) decides to cover?

We did start doing an acoustic cover series in 2014 called “The Attic Sessions.” Basically, we sat down and discussed ways to give back to our fans, as well as increasing our exposure, and decided that covers seem to do really well on YouTube. People are always surfing YouTube for covers of songs they enjoy, and so far people have really seemed to dig it. As far as choosing the songs we cover, we typically try to stick with the latest songs that are charting and being played on the radio, but we also do requests every now and then.10849878_10205592130989407_8457765703336072840_n

Who did you work with to craft your visual presentation (logos, album artwork, etc)?

Our visual presentation is something we pride ourselves on. We are lucky enough to have members of the band who have specialized videography, graphic design, etc. as well as music. 99% of our visuals are done in-house, but when we can’t film/shoot something on our own, we use Eddy Donlin of Studio-D in Berwick, PA for studio photos, as well as Stephanie Delman/Zach Schumacher for live photography. They are all very hard workers, and never seize to amaze us.

What does 2015 hold in store for Gas Station Disco?

Well, just like every year, we are really trying to take the band to the next step. We have gone to radio with our latest single ‘All I See,’ and are in the process of finishing a new EP by June. We also plan on releasing a new music video around Spring, as well as continuing The Attic Sessions. As a band, we made a new rule to release a new video every monday whether it is an Attic video, tour video, music video, etc, as well as writing ATLEAST one original a month. Basically what it boils down to is really buckling down and making things happen. Like everyone else, we want GSD to make it big, but we understand that it will not happen without alot of hardwork.

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    These guys are the best around and they never forget where they came from! Keep on rising up guys!