Giulio Nightfall is a Italian Guitar Virtuoso, bassist, drummer, & songwriter whose main genre is rock/hard rock and soundtrack film . G.Nightfall is also writer, guitar lutist, poet and guitar maestro. He has released 11 albums and 4 books. If you like Van Halen, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen then you’ll enjoy Giulio Nightfall – enjoy our interview with Giulio below!

Entertwine: What is the significance of your moniker? How long have you been playing guitar and recording music?

I chose the name “Nightfall” because I can really live only at night. Playing guitar for many years, it is now a part of my soul. I do not know exactly how I play, but when the body is taken by emotions, time takes on a different form.

Tell us about living in Italy; what does a day in the life of Giulio Nightfall look and sound like?

Day? I do not live by day I’m suffering from a rare form of vampirism. I get up when the sun sets. I can not stand the sunlight. The darkness is my home. The strength of the full moon is an indescribable feeling is full of energy. My music is the contrast between the forces of darkness and light. I have a room with tinted windows or windows ajar.

How have you been able to record and release so many albums (eight on iTunes) in just three years? Could you tell us a bit about the recording process behind each album? How many of these albums contain original music?

My albums and singles on iTunes are currently at 10 publications. I have a recording studio at my house and my music is the terrapia for my soul. I have been a professional for many years so I have no problems working lots. I need to externalize all my excess energy. Mainly, I’m the only member, which allows me to find the right emotion to express on my own. I think that playing with more members actually does not allow you to create a song with the right feeling as each member tries a different emotion and context that is created is a mixture of vibrations confused. I only have a cover album of classical and traditional music ‘Angels’ in neoclassic style rock guitar virtuoso.

You are also a writer?

I have published several ebooks. Whispers of a romantic vampire, a thriller ‘The mystery of the secret city’ and a book about how to build yourself an electric guitar. Unique in Italy!

What are your goals for 2015? Do you have any upcoming performances?

I am working with several magazines. I hope to continue on this path. Advertising is much more important than doing many concert.I also need to mention the emotions because due of the form of vampirism I lost freedom eight years ago. it’s really hard to play in the night somewhere in the world. the day I have many problems including headaches and dizziness sunlight is really annoying for my eyes. I need energy and night are hyper active. I tried to change these things but it is really hard for my body.It’s impossible!

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