Glitter Rose’s music is breaking ground as the new sound of Southern Rock meets Country. In 2013, the 28-year-old Texan was recognized with two awards including Best Rock Artist and she received the Album of the Year Award for Dead or Alive at the 2013 Artists In Music Awards in Hollywood, CA. In April, Glitter took home four additional awards for Artist of the Year, Performer of the Year, Best Southern Rock Artist, and Best Music Video at the 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards held at Jon Lovitz Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Friday, February 7, 2014. This award winning country southern rock artist is continually on the rise, and we got the chance to ask her a few questions about her music career here exclusively on Entertwine!

Entertwine: When did you realize you had a passion for music? When did you discover your love for Southern Rock/ Country?

Glitter Rose: I’ve always loved music and entertainment, but when I was 12 years old I was inspired to write my first song.  After writing it, I knew I wanted to play music for life.  My love for Rock music developed as a young child, with bands like Van Halen, Queen, Led Zeppelin and Heart.  Although my first songwritings were country, it wasn’t necessarily a genre that inspired me or that I even listened to at that point. My love for country developed as I grew as a songwriter, and started exploring the origins of the genre.

ET: Who are some of your musical influences within the genre of country, and why?

GR: My country influences branch from the country artists of the 50s and 60s like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and George Jones.  Of course being a Texan, I love Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and George Strait. Garth Brooks is another favorite of mine, I think he’s one of the best performers ever in Country music.

ET: Tell us about a few of the highly impressive awards you have received! What kind of hard work went into the process of winning these awards?

GR: Thank you for the acknowledgment!  I have received 8 music awards in the past 2 years, including 6 Artists In Music Awards.  Throughout the 2 years I was a nominee in the AIMA program, I won Best Rock Artist, Album of the Year for my 2012 release “Dead or Alive”, Best Southern Rock Artist, Best Music Video for “Buda Negra”, Performer of the Year and Artist of the Year.  I was also Country Artist of the Year in the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards and my music video “Buda Negra” won Best Music Video in the Bare Bones International Film Festival in 2013. Attaining these awards was due to hard work, endless self promotion, and an incredible fan base that supported me throughout the voting process. I attended all the events that were held in conjunction with the award programs and supported my fellow artists involved.  Supporting your peers gains their respect and support in return.

ET: Which song off your latest release would you say best encapsulates your sound and what you stand for in music?

GR: I would have to say the song that defines my sound would be “Kody Was A Killer”, off my album “Dead or Alive”.  I love to tell stories in my songwriting, and Kody tells a dark one, focusing on the battle between good and evil, and showing the other side of the coin for an outlaw.  The riffs are edgy, the guitars are played hard, the vocals are gritty and powerful, and you feel every bit of it when you listen. It encompasses everything that make me an outlaw southern rocker.


ET:What is the main message you strive to get across to your listeners through your music?

GR: My message is about following your dream, as you see it.  Staying true to yourself, whatever it is you do in life.  Telling stories about interesting people and places.  Evoking happiness and excitement in your soul.  I want my fans to feel alive when they listen to my music, and inspire them to live their dream for themselves, not for society, trends or popular demand.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

GR: 2014 has already been an exciting year for me.  I am producing other artists.  I’m songwriting for film and tv, including writing the title track for the feature film “American Girl”, due out in late 2014.  I traveled to Europe to perform at musikmesse 2014 with my endorsement Montarbo Professional Sound Systems, and Texas to perform for the 38th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival.  I am also acting and was cast as Chantel Moody PhD in the comedic sitcom pilot Kathryn Davis: Take 2.  I do have plans to start recording my 3rd full length album and film the short film/music video for “Kody Was A Killer”, directed by Amy Campione.

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