God of the Machine is one of the more unique bands we have interviewed here on Entertwine, however don’t let the word unique overshadow their purpose. This trio from Melbourne, Australia are ready to release a few new singles in the coming months, one of which is entitled, “Dreamerica,” which released on November 18th, 2013. When you think of a rockband, you think of tattoos, mohawks and earrings – yet God of the Machine is made up of regular everyday businessmen with their day to day jobs. Besides creating music, these guys are focused on raising money from their iTunes profits for the Cancer Council. We asked God of the Machine a few questions about their musical journey!

Entertwine: How did God of the Machine get its start?

God of the Machine: Essentially we have been writing music forever and a day, since we were kids. We all have our careers, which keeps us majorly busy and in between all the goings on in life we write and produce music. We have so many tracks written of all styles and genres and I guess we all thought life wasn’t about to slow down so why not just… RELEASE!

It’s actually been a bit of a spin out since Dreamerica has been released, getting all this amazing feedback has been awesome especially considering we wrote it 3 years ago now. I’m just really happy to be putting the music out there – It’s scary but really exciting at the same time.

ET: What are the musical backgrounds of the members in GOTM?

GOTM: Well 2 of us have been close mates since we were 13 – We have written music together for nearly 20 years and that’s pretty crazy seeming we’re only 24 [Laughs]- A lot of the music we wrote in our teenage years was hilarious.  It all changed when we met the 3rd member of God of the Machine in our early 20’s.  He actually made us sound good and is a whizz of a producer- So the 2 of us decided there still may be hope with our music yet! The 3 of us are like brothers so it makes it so much easier too, we just have an awesome time creating and we havea great vibe together whether in the studio or outside of it. All 3 of us have also been learning, playing and writing music since we were really young and we all can play different instruments so it changes up all the time, from song to song.

ET: How has the music scene in your hometown of Melbourne, Australia influenced your band?

GOTM: Dylan Lewis who is the lead singer from the Brown Hornet changed my life forever… In our late teens, we used to go and watch the Brown Hornet every Wednesday night at the Evelyn Hotel, in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Brown Hornet weren’t known world wide so much, but they were truly inspirational and so awesome live and in the studio. Dylan is now a presenter on Nova radio here in Australia and unfortunately Brown Hornet aren’t together any more.

Melbourne is definitely the place to be for live music in Australia. There’s so much talent out there. When I was younger I used to think that if you only made it in Australia you wouldn’t have international success but I think that’s all changed as the world is a lot smaller now with technology all at our fingertips.

ET: What kind of genre would you classify your music?

GOTM: There is no specific genre for God of the Machine’s music in particular, each song is kinda different to the next. We’ve been told Dreamerica is soft rock, which was pretty offensive at the time because I thought it was a Hard rock [Laughs]… But no, we write all kinds of genres from Rock to Funk, R&B to Reggae, Jazz  to Electronic & Dance and even all the way back to Classical influenced vibes with String Quartets. We like to use real instruments in the studio and like to record playing live too as we believe we can capture a unique tone and vibe in the studio doing it this way through our recordings. We all play different instruments and we can all engineer, produce and master the tracks… So yeah, anything goes really.

ET: How do you plan to stand out among thousands and thousands of musicians within the music scene? Do you feel you do?

GOTM: I’m a small guy, probably 5ft 7″ or 170cm – I’m used to other people towering over me [Laughs]

No, honestly it’s not a competition and we’re not making a conscious effort to stand out, we just love music and want to be a part of it all.

ET: Tell us about the multiple singles you will be releasing in the coming months.

GOTM: Oh Wow! We have so much music that we’re going to be releasing over the next couple of years, but in the short term we will be releasing 4 singles and an EP over the next 6 months – and then throwing down an album in Mid 2014.  I think all of these releases will give everyone a better understanding of how diverse we are.

ET: Which one of those is your favorite and why?

GOTM: The next single is my personal favorite primarily because it’s a bit more broad in its appeal, better lyrics and much better vocals!

ET: Lyrically, what do most of your songs represent?

GOTM: Overall I think our lyrics generally represent theories, life, and the moments within it. People interpret lyrics in their own way. Although Dreamerica is very specific lyrically, some people will connect with it and some people will hate it and what it represents.  But that’s life and that’s OK! Not everyone will like our lyrics or our songs – as one of my personal favorite people on the planet Arthur LeFleur always says, it’s all “Cool and the gang”.

ET: What is God of the Machine’s main goal musically?

GOTM: Life is so crazy busy for everyone these days that if people just hear the music amongst all the traffic, listen to it and like it, then that is enough for us. I feel that if you can move at least one person on this planet and make them happy, whether that be through personal interaction or music, then you’ve got to be doing something right.

ET: What brought about the idea to donate proceeds to the Cancer Council?

GOTM: If we can use what we are passionate about to create something truly worthwhile such as cancer research then that’s got to be a good vibe. So that’s what we’re going to do, from the very start! I believe if your objective and goal in life is focused 100% on making money then you’re not doing it for the right reasons in the first place.  My personal success in life is my ability to give back, not my ability to take.

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