GRENOUER, a death metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia is defying all odds when it comes to their style and passion for metal. Thougth they currently play heavier metal, it wasnt always this way – the band previously performed strictly death metal – but now, they say they try to incorporate more melodies to meld with the hardcore pieces of their music. Grenouer is currently promoting their 7th full-length release “Blood on the Face,” and we got an inside scoop about the band and the new album in the interview below.

Entertwine: How did Grenouer form? Was metal always the genre of choice?

Grenouer: Andrey Ind (lead vocals): Hallo, nice to meet you and all readers overseas! Grenouer was formed in Russia, in the early 90’s, centuries ago, and yes, initially we were an extreme metal act, playing death metal and its derivatives. We were teenagers, that genre was very popular and suited us perfectly. Metal music was deep in my heart since mid 80’s, yet at that period it was rather different – heard’n’heavy boom. Sounded breathtaking, melodic, memorable, and I still remain a fan of many bands from that era. Then metal was evolving and getting faster, heavier. Being a fan of such music I just couldn’t remain outside the scene and found the people that could hold instruments and were passionate enough to start a band. Of course it took time, efforts, line-up changes, investments, pains and frustrations to build up Grenouer into a serious venture.

ET: How did you get your name, Grenouer? Is there a story behind the name?

G: At first we needed a specifically evil-bonding name, and Grimoire, a textbook of magic, was taken and strongly modified. I am happy about such modification, because Grenouer suits us whatever we conceive to play.

ET: What is the music (metal) scene like in your hometown in Russia? How has that influenced Grenouer as a band?

G: We currently reside in Saint Petersburg, moved here more than ten years ago. Originally Grenouer comes from Perm city, which is in the Urals. You know, Russian scene is just huge, since it is a huge country. Saint Petersburg is also a metropolis where several gigs might take place the same day. Nevertheless, Grenouer is more suitable for European scene, since we use English lyrics, signed to European record-label and, I am afraid, receive better response there.

ET: You are currently promoting your SEVENTH album release, “Blood on the Face,” how is this album different from your past six?

G: Oh, it is unbelievably different! Externally Grenouer seems a band that is continually changing style. In fact such changes do not happen randomly; they have lots of background factors and timeline. Rocking riffs, emotional melodies, clean vocals… has changed Grenouer dramatically. Reviews that “Blood on the Face” receives today clearly reveal that our music is not for metal listeners only. Well, our new songs have vibe because there’s more actual “me” inby, rather than what people used to expect from me.

ET: What can fans expect from you in 2014?

G: Grenouer is already working over new songs, and we are confirmed for the big festival event in Belgium in April, 2014. That is PPM Fest where we play the same day with Amorphis, Rage, Masterplan and My Dying Bride. Grenouer is also shooting more music videos, playing gigs and doing promotional staff. Stay tuned and check our social media links. Horns up!

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