The Grit Harbour sound: It lies between the lyrics of pleasure, insecurities, and paradise. Grit Harbour, known for their tones & lyrics, playing live or recorded, grew up in the suburbs, lived in the clouds, listening to many artists such as Nirvana, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, & The Beatles. Grit Harbour has a new sound and we interviewed them about it, as well as their past sound and a few other things that might spark your interest and get you listening to this eclectic, soulful group. This is Grit Harbour.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your individual backgrounds? How did you all meet and begin creating music together?

Corey & I began back in high school. We loved music. I was more into classic rock bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, ect., and he was more into alternative rock such as 311, Modest Mouse, Incubus, & Radiohead. Thus, began our exploring. He’d come over and we’d learn songs. Not too long after that we began writing. We’d meet at the top of the street, look over the city and start writing.

What is the significance of the band’s name?9277534_orig

We’ve been around. Our songs tend to sound deep and sometimes dark. I heard on the radio one time that they’re building a school for kids who can be grittier, to make kids tougher or less likely to back down as adults. We thought that was interesting. Harbour is a way of holding on to things. Grit Harbour is our way of symbolizing how we feel as a band. Plus, it’s kinda catchy.

You’ve been a band since late 2011, correct? What have been some of your proudest achievements as a band so far?

Yeah, we were recording before then but have let the public enjoy them since then. We’ve played some great gigs. Some of our favorites are the numerous music festivals we’ve played at and also the movie ones as well. We’ve had crowds of over 2,500 people. Those shows are great. We’ve won plenty of awards as a band for best sound and top live band and those are always fun. I think our proudest moments are when we’re recording.

What does a typical Grit Harbour live set look and sound like?

Everyone’s got soul.

The band has played a number of live shows since August of this year; could you tell us about some of your most exciting or interesting performance dates?

We’ve played at least 200 shows and this year we’ve brought it down a bit due to focusing on recording and other projects but I think a hidden passion we have, which we all admit to each other, are our acoustic shows. Like I said, all our shows have soul. We love playing live. Every show tends be to so much fun so it’s hard to say which are our favorite but we love meeting people.

Who are your biggest musical influences? How do the styles, textures, and sounds of these artists find their way into or inspire your original compositions?

Our biggest influences are Van Morrison, Buddy Guy, The Beatles, Radiohead, JJ Cale, & of course Bob Dylan. We also love Canned Heat. It’s almost a requirement to read Alan Wilson’s biography to join the band. We also love jazz & blues. We’ve learned from these guys. The way Buddy Guy would rip the guitar or how Dylan would sing a line or how the Beatles harmonies sounded so perfect showed us how important the sound of the guitar must be to match it or how the piano can only come in certain times. I play a Schechter and our Corey plays a Fender Jazz guitar. We count on these sounds sometimes.

What can you tell us about the 24-track playlist (titled “Sound”) that you have on Soundcloud?

4100417_origHa yeah our music is pretty diverse and our latest album was hard to describe so we thought why not take this one outside a bit. Every song was written over the last couple years and a couple even earlier but most of them are new to us. We hope everyone enjoys it. We don’t like holding on to our music. We like to give it away as often as possible.

What life experiences and events inspired and influenced the writing and recording of these songs?

Friendships, love, avocados, & more friendships. Everything influenced us. Still does.

How were these songs recorded and mixed?

Several songs were recorded in a studio out in Hollywood. Most of them were recorded at in our home studios. Some of them were mixed by others but mostly mixed by us.

What musical instruments and musical & recording equipment was used to create the recordings featured on your Soundcloud page? Are these the same instruments the band uses live in performance?

They are the same. Of course those songs with piano, we bring out keyboards but we tend to love our instruments and know our sound too well to go out with other instruments. Even our drum set we tend to never use the house drum set because we want the audience to experience us and not something like us.

What does 2015 hold in store for Grit Harbour? Does the band have any upcoming live performances scheduled?

2015 is going to be a big year. Next month we’re heading back to the studio and recording a whole new album with new songs we’re excited about and think our fans will be to. We have some big gigs coming up that we’ll announce them the closer we get. Check out our site, to keep updated about events and new songs.

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