This hip-hop artist has no historical background of musical talent in his family which is something you might not believe after listening to these tracks from HDottyDot. The name sprouted almost as a mistake – it was something he labeled his old flyers with and it just stuck, leaving HDottyDot a catchy name with equally grasping talent. We chatted with this rap artist and asked him a few questions about his writing, his plans to inspire, how HDottyDot plans to stand out in the industry.

Entertwine: What is your musical background, and how’d you get your start into hip-hop?

HDottyDot: No musical background in family tree that I know of. As far as growing up as an avid listener of music really no background. Never picked up an instrument but I might someday. The way I got into hip-hop was from hanging out with my friends freestyling over beats to pass the time. I did that for a good while until my brother Vix took me and my friends to a studio to record a song that’s when it really got serious, haven’t stopped ever since.

ET: What is the story behind the stage name, hdottydot?

HDD: That’s been my nickname for as long as I remember. I used to make flyers in high school for house parties and would put my own logo as H. and that’s how it grew. When I started rapping and showing people my music the name stuck and now I can’t change it. I’ve tried but that’s what people know me as so I’m cool with it.

ET: With all of the competition in the hip-hop/rap scene right now, how do you feel you stand out beyond the rest?

HDD: What stands out first is my appearance by how I look, rap, and the way I dress. When people see me they are surprised that I even rap cuz they can’t picture it nor can they compare my style to anyone they know. And that’s what I like cuz I don’t want to front. Yeah, I’m Mexican and I wear glasses (cuz I have to) but listen to my music you’ll either like it or hate it, but listen to it. Come to one of my shows I want you to have a good time and enjoy yourselves.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

HDD: Play My Shit

ET: What kind of message do you strive to deliver to your crowd through your music and lyrics?

HDD: I am always trying to evolve and better myself, so expect me to grow and take you through my lif. I want you to know that no matter what BS you are going thru your life that it will always get better. I will either try to help you overcome it, or ignore it to not let it affect you and do whatever the hell a good time. It’s like you to my home I want you to feel welcome to crack open a beer and just chill or party.

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