I discovered Hollow Between The Hills through twitter, and although I am not the biggest fan of the metal genre I was immediately drawn to the sounds HBTH. This Canadian band has a background of pop and rock, but ultimately they settled with the more hardcore genre. With a sound similar to bands like, Sleeping Like Sirens and We Came As Romans, this band still have a unique take on the metal genre and a want to break the ‘norm’ in the metal scene and do something new. We asked HBTH a few questions about their start, influences, and their thoughts on the current metal scene.

Entertwine: Tell us a little about yourselves! Who are all the members of Hollow Between The Hills and how did you get your start?

HBTH: Ryan, I play drums will be recording & mixing our E.P, Nick does vocals , Andrew plays guitar & is actually pursuing a degree in music & Andy plays bass as well as being the gear head of the band.
We were kinda split into 2 halves. Myself &Andy had recently been in a band split. Andrew and Nick needed a couple members and the rest was history.

Entertwine: Your main genre is metal. Was that always the genre that you have played? What got you all into Metal?

HBTH: Me & Andy had 2 previous bands together before this one. One was more of a melodic hardcore sound. The other was pop/rock. Nick & Andrew have always played metal. As a whole we listen to a lot of stuff from bands like Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero to Ellie Goulding or even hip-hop artists we have some pretty diverse tastes.

(Hollow Between The Hills – “New Apollo” Lyric Video)

Entertwine: Who would you say are your main influences when writing your music? 

HBTH: We all like a lost of different stuff. The Used, Protest the Hero, Periphery, Erra, Sleeping With Sirens, We Came as Romans, Issues, Memphis May Fire, A Day to Remember, Northlane, there will be hip-hop in there for some of us as well. As well outside of music we like to take influence from everything else going on around us & the people around us.

Entertwine: Lyrically, what do most of your songs represent? 

HBTH: It will sound cliche but we write about everyday struggles people have. We all hope we can be one of those bands fans can turn to when they feel down to help cope with whatever they are going through.

Entertwine: If you could change one thing about the metal scene, what would you change, or like to see change?

HBTH: Well right now we feel there is a lot of the same stuff going on. You could go on google and find 500 bands in a couple minutes that sound like Asking Alexandria. Theres too many kids doing whats popular right now just to get their 15 minutes instead of trying to come up with their own style or sound. Then they try to classify it as something else in an effort to be different.

Lastly, to be honest there isn’t really a “metal” scene where we live. Ours has been divided by cliques in a scene of mostly hardcore bands. Its gotten to the point where you almost aren’t accepted in the music scene unless you’re a hardcore band.

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    There isn’t a metal scene in Saskatoon? These jokers obviously don’t know shit about the music scene in the own town. There’s not much of a ‘poser’ metal scene in Saskatoon, not a whole lot of hardcore/metalcore bands. There are some great ACTUAL metal bands in the city though. Untimely Demise, Agony Spawn, Singularity, Wrathed. Come out to shows once and a while and maybe you’d realize.

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