Tre Tademy, also known as IceTre is a 21 year old hip hop artist based out of Idhao. Tre has been pushing raps and making beats since 2006, which gives him a whole 8 years under his belt. This hip hop artist is solely focused and dedicated to the cause and is down for the sound. His music represents a new chill wave and has high hopes for his escalating career. We asked IceTre a few questions and got the low-down on what is new for 2014.

Entertwine: How did you get your start in creating hip-hop tracks?

By being exposed to hip-hop/soul music at an early age. My mom always had music playing in the house whether it was current or hip, she had it going.

ET: Who or what influences you to make music, and why?

Lil B The Based God is one of my main influences but other than that the feeling of making good music also influences my music career.

ET: What would you say is your main purpose for creating these tracks?

I always had a vision to create music for myself, songs that I can express myself fully in. I create my tracks based off of my expression. Everyone has something they need to get out, I just found an outlet for I need to get out.

ET: Besides music, you also have other talents in graphic design. Does this serve as a second channel of expression for you?

Yes it does, mainly because I can channel not only my art into the picture but I can create a picture of opulence to the people who are viewing my work.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Chill, Ambient, Well-Crafted

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  • Z-pro

    That’s dope bro keep at it, I’m glad to see your hard work over the years is paying off! Wish you the best in 2014 homie