Native Texan and hip hop artist, Infidelix will be embarking on a foot wide journey across the world to promote positive energy in hip hop. This hip hop star’s main mission is to connect worldwide with the underground hip hop community, and to sell his albums anywhere he can. His goal is to start by selling hand to hand 10k units of his album as he walks around different countries talking to people and tuning them onto what he is trying to accomplish. If the goal is reached, the next goal will be set at 100k units to distribute both by hand and online. Keep up with the movement – and meanwhile enjoy our interview with him below! We caught up with Infidelix on how his journey is going, and where he’s headed next!

Entertwine: Were you always around music growing up, or was your interest in performing and inspiring something that came along later in your life?

Infidelix: I have always loved performing! From being involved in theater at a young age, to taking the stage across the world with my music, I believe performance plays a huge part in someones ability to be a well rounded artist. There is no better feeling then getting up on a stage and showing the world what you have created.

ET: Where were you working before you decided to quit and pursue music? What sparked this decision?

I: Before I started this crazy adventure I had been a server at a popular Mexican restaurant for many years. I loved my job, but I noticed that there was no progression with the way my life was going. I was simply working, then going home, then doing the same thing the next day. I felt like it was my duty as a person who makes music to get out and go explore culture, music, and encompass everything it means to be an artist.

ET: How would you describe your sound to an audience unfamiliar with your music?

I: Honestly I don’t even know how to describe my music. My musical selection that I listen to is very different that the music I make so my influences for my hip hop, doesn’t come from hip hop if that makes sense. I guess however if I could put it into terms, I would say my music is the thoughts and perceptions of someone who felt trapped and was eager to do something doing it. Now, as I am doing it.. my music style is changing.

ET: Any influences that have contributed to the development of your sound?

I: My friends, family, and situations in life have all contributed to the development of my sound. When I write, I write for the moment and how I am feeling that very moment. Whether that is joyful, funny, irritated, or any other emotion..that has made the sons of the song you are hearing. I have written songs at my friends house in Denton Texas, to a barn in Scotland, to the streets of Dublin Ireland at 4am. Everything that happens to me, or every single person I have met,  writes my story which in turn writes my music.

ET: Tell us about your recent album release of “Nomadic.” 

I: Well, I released my album “Nomadic” right before I left on this adventure. Currently as I progress from country to country I am making mix tapes in the countries I end ump in. For example, in Spain I recorded “South of Heaven” in a studio in Algecerias Spain. The engineer spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish so we communicated through google translate. In Scotland I recorded “North of Hell” with a Scottish emcee named Oogie Zoogie. Currently I am in Irleand working on my third mixtape of this journey. This process will be repeated in every country I am able to get to.

ET: When you aren’t performing, what takes up your free time?

I: I really don’t have free time.  You would think that traveling the world sounds like a vacation, but it is far from that. I spend my time mapping out my next moves,  emailing promoters, trying to figure out ways to make money to support myself on this trip, and network with other emcees in the countries I go to. This is a 24 hour a day job.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

I: I have been documenting my  adventures and when I get done with my travels I will be putting together a film about being an independent artist and dropping everything to travel the world. Currently I will continue to make mix tapes and other tracks in the countries that I travel to, with the people of those countries. I will make another album for sure, but that will happen when the time is right.

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