A hard rock-melodic dreamscape accompanied by a heavy metal assault that destroys everything in it’s path is what Interim Divine represents. The undeniable vocal presence of Bobbe and dynamic musical ride accompanying her is something rare in today’s scene. Interim Divine has proven they have what it takes to make an impact where ever they arrive. Along with successfully conjuring a huge buzz and loyal following, the band has also acquired a resume to match. Since their inception they have shared the stage with such national acts as Jonathan Davis of Korn, Taproot, Fear Factory, and Fuel just to name a few. We asked Interim Divine a few questions about the band’s history, influences, style and future plans for success!

Entertwine: How did you all form as a band, and what kind of musical backgrounds did everyone branch from?

Interim Divine: Interim Divine started in 2008 by Dav Fulford-Brown. During our five year run the project has been like a phoenix. A cycle begins and reaches its pinnacle, then ends only to rise and begin again. With our lineup changing and our sound evolving there has been three incarnations of the Interim Divine so far. Everyone and everything Interim Divine has been through has lead up to what we currently are. We are our strongest and most widely received version yet and we are all really happy with where we are headed musically and artistically.

We have all had a life long love affair with all things music. Childhood dreams and determination accompanied by the incredible support of family members and friends. It just so happened to work out that all of our current members (other than Jessie whom Dav discovered at a local karaoke bar) have been friends since childhood.

ET: Who or what influences the kind of music you play as a band?

ID: Our combined musical histories and experiences really bleed together and directly influence the music we write. Some of the artist that grasp our attention thus influencing our sound are, Bad Religion, Led Zeppelin, Evanescence, The Misfits, Metric, Fly Leaf, Paramore,  Muse and any hard rock that has numerous beautiful melodies over it.

ET: There are a lot of bands in the rock scene right now with female front women. How do you guys plan to stick out and grab your audience’s attention?

ID: In any industry whether you’re flipping burgers or selling sofas, competition is always out there. The most important thing to us it to stay true to who we are as artists. Our music is an experience and what really sets us apart is our style of song writing. Although we have a female vocalist our songs are more universal and can pertain to anyone who’s human. We respect all female fronted bands because everyone has something unique to offer. We plan to keep our eyes and ears on our own creative work to make purely unique music, simply because it’s been engineered straight from us.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, which words would they be?

ID: Genuine, Captivating, and Inviting.

ET: What is the back-story behind your song, “Web of Lies?” What do most of your songs represent lyrically?

ID: When I first heard the guys play the music for Web of Lies I almost instantly heard the melodies flowing through my head and after that the sultry lyrics started seeping out in ink, there I was writing a song about a girl whom I had been friends with for 9 years. For the first 4 years of our friendship I had no idea she had a compulsive lying issue, she would tell me tragic things about her life just to make me feel sorry for her and we would actually cry about these things together. One day I found out from her father and some of her friends that 90% of everything she had told me was a lie. I still talk to her now and then to this day and I’m happy to know this song may have healed her. Sometimes when people have serious issues or habits they need to hear that what might hurt the most in order to change. Rock is all about getting down to the deepest point and letting it all go. Most of our songs are about different bad habits or addictions; others are about letting you be free and fearless.

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