IV aka InyoVeins is an artist that’s here to help bring substance to rap music. The Chicago MC is the last of a dying breed of MC’S with true lyrical ability. IV touches on true issues that plague our society, & sheds light on how to remain strong thru these societal storms. He hails from the South side of Chicago and has work with several different like-minded artists. IV got his start in hip-hop from being in a group called “Aviation” four MC’s that were set to change the game. IV is also a talented diverse producer as well therefore, he is here to hit you in every aspect. IV has now opened up for artist such as Juicy J, Frenchie from” brick squad” and even rapped for Revolt TV’s Vice President Kenny Burns. IV delivers an original, fresh “finally somebody that speaks the truth” sound. Once you get hooked up to IV, he will remain in your veins.

Entertwine: Thanks IV for answering a few questions with us! First off, who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

IV: My family and being in school is what made me pursue music eventually. By being around people like my Dad, that heavily listened to smooth jazz and other old school music. I was also influenced by my older cousin and brother that rapped, therefore opening the door for me to write lyrics in the 4th grade. I was in a choir for my school, church, and I played in the band for high school, therefore I came out of high school wanting to produce before I rapped, though I started writing rhymes at 9 year old

When did you begin performing for audiences in Chicago? Was that with Aviation? Are there a few different live performances that stick out in your mind as the most exciting or memorable events you’ve been a part of? What is the significance of your moniker?

I started performing in Chicago in 2009, and yes it was with Aviation. Performing with Aviation is what gave me the fresh experience to rock a crowd. I remember when we had a talent show at the historical, majestic “Regal Theatre” located on the southeast side of Chicago and it was extra cool because of the platform of which it was. People like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Luther Vandross and many more legends has got a chance to bless the stage at the Regal so,we won that particular talent show therefore, that gave us good credentials.

Down the line in Huntsville Al, I got a chance to open up for Juicy J with my bro Picasso and that was pretty big to a couple of local dudes. That adrenaline helped us rock the stage because we were not trying to look like novices for a venue like that. By that being said, that makes some of the most memorable performances throughout my career.

What was it like growing up in Chicago, Illinois? What can you tell us about the hip-hop scene of Chicago?

Growing up in Chicago was a fun bitter-sweet experience. I have had the struggles that taught me to have thick skin, a growth factor that raised me to who I am today. I had the good times with family and friends that made me absolutely love my city. I feel like there is no other place like Chicago, because if you can survive there you can survive anywhere. It’s all about running your environment because the world has no room for “softies” its survival of the fittest at the end of the day. On the brighter side of things, going to Columbia College downtown for music helped shaped my skills for my craft. Networking with different artist has inspired me because I was working with like-minded people. The talent that’s coming out the Chi right now is tremendous and splendid. We have so many lanes and avenues of diverse music that’s coming out of the City that can inspire you to do good or bad to say the least.

What experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of your new mixtape “No Grey Area”? Could you tell us about each of the 15 featured tracks? What was the recording process like for this particular project? Did you produce each featured track?

Actually the transition from Chicago to Huntsville Alabama is what influenced the recording and the concept for No Grey Area. Being raised in Chicago with both parents has disciplined me to make efficient choices in life although, my environment was bad and the surroundings in my city made me realize the politics and the unjust that needs to be changed. When I moved to Huntsville my friends that I rap with was still there, so they were informing me about the violence that’s still highly effective in the urban communities.

The project paints the picture of the good and the bad. From the 1st track “The Metaphoric Intro” gives off the intensity from the beat collided with up-tempo lyrical metaphors that grabs your attention. Off top it goes in explaining either you have to go hard or go home…No In-betweens. Songs like Genocide, Invest or Die, Huey P, StruggleLand, The ChiRaqies, The Cliché, Heaven’s the Goal, are the conscience, political, food for thought tracks that impacts you with substance and raw lyrics, revolutionary indeed. Songs like Ran Into You, and Big Future are the tracks you can party to but, still relate from a real life situation with male and female, that is what a pure lyricist all about. I produced 60% of “No Grey Area” I have additional production from talented producers such as IrateGenuis, Quebeatz, C-Sick and etc.

FB_IMG_1425410001504What was it like collaborating with so many different artists on “No Grey Area”? How does “The Grey Area” expand on or differ from “Code Red” and other previous releases?

I had to get artists that fit the songs because It’s just like a pair of gloves; it has to match and fit. I love working with talented underground artist that has something intriguing to say, especially if they can make the song better. At the time I wanted certain people like “Mick Jenkins” to lace a verse on the song because I knew he would fit the song but, things came up like Mick himself and I am extra proud of that dude because he is very talented. So I appreciate the artist that came through and splashed the track with some act right.

Code Red is now turning into a series of mixtapes to show my lyricism over industry and original beats. The first Code Red was a warning for No Grey Area. Now I am making a Code Red 2 to warn people about my EP following that so, its all premeditated.

What are some of your overall goals as an MC and hip-hop artist? What does the rest of 2015 hold in store for IV?

I am just working on my growth. My overall goal is to be one of the best lyricist with the best originality throughout the industry. I am here to prosper as a hip hop artist. I am here to bring substance to everybody ears, substance that people can feel and relate to because there is so much in the world to talk about that people don’t hear everyday. The game has been on the same channel, now it’s time to change it and play it off another channel. For the rest of 2015 I plan on gaining more exposure and knowledge this year to flourish my success to open up future endeavors.

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