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Starting off with just a laptop and a headset, J. Nic emerged himself into the hip scene with what he had & recorded a few songs. After being recognized by the owner of hardwired studios’ very own Mark Cornell, J.Nic stared recording professionally. After years of struggling with depression and loss of his father and grandmother he has went on to put out five mix tapes. Despite J. Nic’s tumultuous past, he has used his music talents to cope with his emotional ups and downs. We interviewed J. Nic below and asked him about his music career and what keeps him going!

Entertwine: When did you get your start in music? Was it always something you really wanted to pursue?

J. Nic: I started rapping in Iraq on deployment In 2009 as a joke just Layin raps with my friends from New York.

ET: What do you believe that you bring to the table over all the other artists in such a large genre? 

J:  I believe I bring a different approach and style to the hip hop community. I feel that emcees nowadays you know nothing about. For instance you know everything about eminem. What do you know about lil Wayne’s personal life. My stories and songs are real and you know all about me from the very first tape I dropped.

ET: If you could describe your sound in a few words, what would those words be?

J: Different, Banks, Em, Big L.

ET: I understand that you’ve been through a lot emotionally in the past – you’ve served our country in Iraq, and you’ve also dealt with the passing of your father and grandmother. How did music help you cope with the stress & loss of loved ones?

J: See music for me turned out to be an outlet for me. It’s my everything. I would be dead of it wasn’t for music. To be honest I put all my emotion and pain into it that’s why people feel me.

ET: What was it like being discovered by Hardwired Studios’ own Mark Cornell? What did this mean to you and your career?

J: When I heard that Mark liked my music I was excited. I had only been putting out songs on a laptop headset. To know that I had an opportunity to make albums in a studio was amazing and from day one we was like eminem and dr dre.The guys a great producer point plank. Just he was the first person that I had no idea who they were and he liked my music it’s the best feeling in the world. I love every fan I get.

ET: What main message do you both strive to get across to your listeners through your music? Why?

J: I was apart of a group of guys in the army and we called ourselves average joes so I preach the name average joe. I stand for every person like me who is average but can do above average things in their lives.

ET: What is next for you in 2014? Any new releases, videos, or tours?

J: This year you will get my first commercial album and more mixtapes stay tuned.

Connect With J. Nic:
Twitter: JN1C


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