J Tha Genius aka J-UP. A talented up and coming hip hop artist from Orlando Florida. His success is growing rapidly as he continues to put out quality music that everyone relates to. His newest mixtape is titled Head In The Cloudz. We asked J-UP a few questions about his start in hip hop and what his future plans are looking like!

Entertwine: How did you get into rap and hip hop? When did you realize it was something you really wanted to get into?

J-Up: I got into rap and hip hop probably around age 10. My older brother would always bring home new cds with songs I had never heard on the radio before. I would literally listen to them all night and I fell in love with the art of music. I also used to write a lot of poetry and enter contests and stuff, so before I knew it I was putting my poems to a beat – ever since then I’ve been trying to perfect my craft.

ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to rap and hip hop, and why?

J-Up: My main influences when it comes to rap include all the people my age that live in my city and that I grew up with. I have respect for the greats such as Biggie, Pac, and Nas, but really my musical influences are all young artist that are on the come up now. E-Matthews, Ti Vedette, IAMSU, Jay Ant, G-Eazy, Caskey, PI Bang, WOOP and Wes Fif are a few. 

ET: Whats the story behind your stage name?

J-Up: I, in no way consider myself a genius – its just kind of a name that was given to me in the studio one and it has stuck with me ever since and I feel that it fits the image and sound that I create.

ET: How did the orlando area influence your rap career? Did you find that the scene was very supporting of your music?

J-Up: Well I was born and raised in Orlando so I will always have love for the city that raised me. It is such a diverse town so I picked up on a lot of things from different parts of the world and different cultures and kind of meshed them together. So, yes it has definitely influenced my career. The music scene compared to other cities seems to be very small, but yes I get a lot of local support. 

ET: Tell us about your newest mixtape, “Head In The Clouds.” What can fans expect? What was the recording process like for you? 

J-Up: My Tape Head In The Cloudz is my most recent release and it is available on It is 18 tracks with 10 original songs on it and 8 remixes. When fans listen to it they can expect to here about my life. That is mostly what I talk about in most of my 
records. It also includes some really dope production from a really talented producer from orlando that goes by the name of LUB.

ET: What’s next for you in 2014? Shows, tours, etc?

J-Up: This year I am just focusing on making my new Ep the best it can be. Due to my probation situation, I am not able to do any shows until January of 2015 but by then my new Ep will be out then and I plan to start out with a mini tour of my state, Florida and will see what happens after that.

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