Southern California based producer/musician Jake Bowman has worked and played on tracks with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Lion, Terrace Martin, Chad Hugo and more. He’s now released his first instrumental EP Made. It’s easy to say Jake is far from stoping his musical journey. 

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? You play multiple instruments and produce, correct?

Jake Bowman: Yeah I’ve been playing guitar and bass for about 10 years and producing has lead me to play drums and keyboards and sampling and just working with all the different DAWs that are out there right now. 

ET: What has your experience with the Southern California music scene been like? How has the area influenced you, both musically and personally?

JB:  I’m from a more isolated part of California (Blythe, California) so when I was younger my friends and I played in different hardcore punk bands and put on shows around Blythe and got other bands from out of town but when it was time to play elsewhere, we’d make 3 hour trips to LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson and other cities around the south west. It’s weird because LA is so far yet so close that a day trip is nothing to catch a show so I’ve built an appreciation to come from a humble place but have limited access to all the great culture and music LA offers. 

ET: Are there any bands, artists, or producers from the Southern California area that have impressed you recently? Are there any particular clubs or venues you frequent on a regular basis?

JB: Definitely. The legends like Madlib and all the Stones Throw artists/producers. JonWayne is awesome. Hitboy is great too being from the Inland Empire. People from Brainfeeder like Flying Lotus, GLK, Teebs, Thundercat always doing exciting stuff. Also the guys in San Diego like Freddie Joachim and all the Mellow Orange artists out there are doing great things. Low End Theory in LA is great for experimental artists and DJs. Odd Future got their start there and GLK is always doing there thing. I’m actually excited that Palm Springs is getting way more into having events for artists and DJs. It’s not just for Coachella. 

ET: What has it been like to work with esteemed artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Lion, and Chad Hugo, among others?

JB: It’s been cool. It’s honestly just knowing people who know people. I wasn’t in the same room as either of those artists. I played a guitar solo on the track “Too Strong” from my guys the Gooneez which they got Kendrick to do a verse which was awesome and am very proud of that. With Snoop that was on a split EP with James Wade and producer Dae One who I work pretty frequently with and I played bass on a track titled “Whoever God is” which featured EDI Mean of the Outlawz and spoken word poet Big Rube from Dungeon Family and Snoop hosted the entire project and narrated the songs. But yeah, Dae One just sent me the instrumental and like 6 months later he let me know the details about the project. With Chad Hugo he tweeted that he needed marching band type drums for something he was working on. So I did it in like 30 minutes. I was high on pain killers because the day before that I had gotten my tonsils taken out and I couldn’t even talk. But a few weeks later and reached out and told me he chose my work for the project and it ended up being for a Gatorade Frost commercial. It was huge because the Neptunes are legends and to know Chad Hugo knows I exist now and liked something I did was an insane compliment.

ET: What can you tell us about your latest project (“Leftover Kanye”)?

JB: Leftöver Kanye is a mash up project of the songs of the punk band Leföver Crack and the raps of Kanye West. It was a fun process and I wanted to do it for so long. Just thought it’d be an unthinkable mash up and it’d surprise people and I love both LöC and Kanye. Vice magazine’s music blog Noisey heard about it and exclusively put it out and it got some pretty interesting reactions. People loved it, hated it, and hated it so much they sent death threats. But since then Leftöver Crack has reached out and they like it and that makes me happy because I had no clue what they’d think. 

ET: You’ve also released an instrumental EP titled “Made”; what has this compilation allowed you to showcase musically, and how is it different than other projects you’ve been involved with?

JB: Made is the first instrumental EP that I’ve actually put out for sale and on all the familiar digital music markets. I just want people to listen to it whenever, where ever and if they like to freestyle, bust it out at a party and have a cypher to some of the tracks. 

ET: What does Jake Bowman’s writing/engineering/production process look like? Is there anything in particular you do differently or uniquely in the studio?

JB:  I try to not let DAWs run my life and not stick to just one. Depending on what I do is what I’ll reach for. If I’m sampling I’ll usually record records or even Spotify from my phone into Ableton and maybe warp it, take that into Maschine or Logic. I’ll program the drums and add whatever needs added and do final touches in Pro Tools and mix it in Pro Tools once I’m happy with everything. My process always changes. Sometimes I will just work in Logic or Maschine from start to finish.

ET: Who are your biggest musical influences? How do the sounds, textures, and writing styles of these artists and producers find their way into your original compositions?

JB: I’m a big texture and melody guy. So a lot of my influences are either from the artists from yester years or producers who are influenced and sample those same classic artists. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath have been huge influences for me back when I was just learning guitar and even more so now. The sound exploration they all searched for while writing amazing songs that hook you are amazing. And now as a producer J Dilla, Madlib, DJ Premier, Flying Lotus, add to that by sampling artists from that era and using all these crazy drum sounds to make their own staple in music.

ET: What are your favorite activities and hobbies outside of music?

JB: Hang out with my friends and talk about music with them. I’m also a huge series buff. I think Netflix and HBO Go are like the best things ever created. So yeah, I series binge for sure. I also love modern art so I like to study up on the legends and whose coming up now in the art community. 

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Jake Bowman? Do you have any plans to record and release new material later this year or early next year?

JB: I’m actually working on an EP with an artist whom I’ve worked with for years and that’s really exciting because it’s been a long time coming, so that’ll come out this year. I’m planning on doing another mash up project to be released in 2015. It won’t be as abrasive as Leftöver Kanye. I think a lot of music lovers will like it. I’m also working on putting something out as a full fledge artist. Singing as well with my production. And in between all that, working on beats. Always.

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