Jake Ward is an up and coming Texas Country artist out of Corpus Christi. With his blend of classic country and modern rock, his music is taking the Texas Country music scene by storm. Growing up, Jake Ward was surrounded by music, and now, Jake and his band are now playing all over the state of Texas, and have opened for touring acts such as: Kevin Fowler, Casey Donahew, Reckless Kelly, Uncle Lucius, Bri Bagwell, and the list goes on! Jake Ward has only just begun his musical career, and with his musical talents and work ethic, he is going to be around for a long time.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? What (or who) inspired you to begin writing music in the first place?

Jake Ward: I grew up in Corpus Christi Texas and my dad always, I mean ALWAYS had great music on in the car, usually Elvis. He loved to talk to me about music and always encouraged me to play and sing and write. He still does. My mom is in a band; my brother loves karaoke. My great grandfather was a professional fiddle player. The list goes on. I’m very blessed.

ET: What is the music scene of Corpus Christi, Texas like?? How has living in Corpus Christi influenced you, musically and personally?

JW: Corpus Christi’s music scene, like Corpus itself, is underrated and under-appreciated. But I love it. It’s unique; it’s hot, it’s Corpus Christi Bay, Pardre Island, Port Aransas, heat and water. Cowboys and surfing, Tejano and Country. Musically, I’m trying to catch the wave. Corpus is my home town and it will always be my roots. I’m in a business that keeps me on the road a lot, so it’s comforting to know I can come back to my hometown. I plan to always stay connected to Corpus Christi, no matter where my career takes me.

ET: What can you tell us about the latest single the band has released (‘Hit the Road’)?

JW: I wrote Hit the Road based on the way I was feeling about my own nature. I was surprised when I realized it might be a good first single for us. It’s maybe a little simpler and more straightforward than some of our other songs. It tells a story which means something different to people. A fantastic local station 97.5 picked it up and played it and believe in it. An equally awesome station in Laredo tells me they were the first to play it, and I love those guys. Gradually other stations around Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and New Mexico picked it up and it has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful to the DJ’s who play new music. The song has given me the chance to meet so many of them and they are my heroes. It’s a lot easier for stations to play the national top 20 songs on a loop but these DJ’s and music directors are the lifeblood of new Texas music.


ET: What can you tell us about your band (The Coast Riders)? How did you all meet and begin creating music and performing together?

JW: They are extremely gifted musicians with the great work ethics. We are very united in our vision of where we want to go, and they have great confidence with no ego. I could do an interview on each guy but to sum it up: they’re great musicians and even greater people. We work hard, but still do karaoke every week just to relax and laugh. How did we meet? Basically our amazing guitarist Paul Teltschik and I started the group, and each other guy has been someone who played around town and we went out and asked him to join. We are still amazed at our good fortune. We collaborate a lot on arrangements in the studio and on stage. We work very hard on harmonies; we have layered vocals which I love, no doubt because of my love for Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Jake Ward and the Coast Riders? Do you have plans to release a full-length album anytime soon?

JW: We’ll be finishing our first album and putting together a schedule to promote it. That means we’ll be doing what we do best: we’ll hit the Road, mixing in the new songs with our lineup so that the show keeps the rhythm and energy we work very hard to maintain in every show. And we’ll never stop working on new songs. There is no break in song writing: it’s a full time. I’ll also be talking to a lot of DJs about our new music. I can’t wait!

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