Jay Vinchi is an 18 year old Hip Hop artist from Detroit, Michigan releasing his debut single “Everything” and his debut mixtape “Reality” in August 2014. After being contacted by a prestigious A&R Firm from Hollywood, Jay has been working compiling large amounts of music for the fans. Thriving off of his different image and style, Jay is going for all aspects of music, focusing on his unique old-school influenced sound on his mixtapes and albums. 

Entertwine: What sparked your interest to start writing and performing hip hop? What kind of musical background do you have?

Jay Vinchi: To be honest it all got started a long time back when I was only in elementary school learning guitar and writing lyrics over some chords I would mess around with. Here and there I would rewrite lyrics to my favorites bands music, and then in middle school Hip Hop really became my thing. People call it modern poetry and I totally understood why when I first started really getting into it. My background consists of all that real Hip Hop, you know, Biggie era MC’s with that real sound and lyricism. I say Biggie era because man do I respect how he came up in the business because he knew to stick with it.

ET: What inspires you to write and perform? Why?

JV: My inspiration comes from everything I see and live through on a daily basis. Writing is the easiest part of my music to be honest, lyrics just constantly fill my head. If it’s not a clever play on words that everybody in hip hop loves to hear, then it’s gonna be something insanely real that really goes deep into an aspect of the world or life. Even lifestyles and the way people interact inspire me. Performing is a whole different thing, I can’t describe what gets into when I get on a stage but man, when the music starts and the crowd is in front of me I can’t help but give them a show. That’s why I’m so happy to get a booking agent on board with my soon to start doing festivals and shows, I can’t wait to perform in front of everyone who comes out.

ET: If you could explain your music in three words, what would they be?

JV: That’s easy, those words wouldn’t even have to be separate. “Creative musical thoughts” would be the way I would describe my creations.

ET: You’re only 18 and already branching so far out into such a large industry – how do you feel that you stand out beyond the rest, and why?

JV: I feel that everything I’m doing right now, from the music all the way to the things I’m making myself stand for, makes me unique in my own way that not many other artists are. Every artist out there is either trying to be that big shot in the mainstream or is that guy saying “I’m different, I don’t like the mainstream I’m unique and I keep it super real”. Sure that’s awesome, but how is that making you stand out amoungst the other loads of artists who caught on to the idea of keeping it real and saying their super unique? For me, I literally just do whatever it is I feel like doing musically, mainstream or my lyrical oldschool influenced music and even over to my rock influenced songs. I just make music, I don’t go chasing the same thing every other kid who imagined being a rapper is chasing. This is life, not a role to fill in. I plan on leaving something that no one else has ever left behind.

ET: Tell us about a song of yours that really encapsulates who you are as a musician and performer. Why does this certain piece mean so much to you and/or your listeners?

JV: A song I really feel describes me from my upcoming release is “Brain Cells”. It’s got an oldschool boom bap influence to it but my topics that I speak on in the song are how we really do have something to be worried about with how people are acting these days. It’s all “fight me I’m the toughest, I’m too good for those people” or there’s ignorance and avoidance of other people. I basically talk about how we really need to just be cool and get back to what it is that makes life so interesting, exploring the world and meeting new people. How are we as people ever gonna be anything if all we think about is looking at someone and wanting to fight them or looking at others and just thinking negatively? Negativity is the root of all evil in my eyes.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

JV: Well up next as you know I have my debut commercial single coming out in August alongside my debut Studio Mixtape being released on August 10th. The single is titled “Everything” and the mixtape is titled “Reality”, both of those are going to really make some noise and I can promise you that. I’m looking forward to a hard year of work and I’m ready to get into the professional side of this business.

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