JimMi DaxX the Indie Hip Hop Rising King. DaxX is one of the main Catalysts in the revolution and movement that is happening in Indie Hip Hop Today. Be Sure to Check out his latest project NEVALANDEP, which we interviewed JimMi about below! Enjoy!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? What led you to pursue a career in music? What is the significance of your moniker?

JimMiDaxX: Well I’ve been in love with music since I was like seven years old and I remember being a huge fan of lil Bow Wow when he came out. That’s really when I saw someone like me that was doing something with music, so that’s really when all the secret bedroom performances started happening. Then a few years later a friend introduced me to Eminem’s music and that led me on the journey to start writing music more seriously and thinking about what I actually wanted to say.

As for my name it came from me wanting to create a name that not only sounded and looked cool but would allow me as an artist to not be pre judged or have people assume what kind of music I made. I wanted peoples first impression of me to be whatever their experience was with me, so if you heard the song ‘Zodiac Love’ on my EP before you heard a song like ‘Bando’ that’s on the EP that to me would allow you to have more of an open mind to me as an artist in general and my name would then represent more than just one thing, it would represent your personal experience.

What is it like living in Atlanta, Georgia? Could you tell us about a few of the most exciting or interesting performances you’ve been a part of in Atlanta?

Yea living in Atlanta is really dope because I feel like since so many people who were raised here were born somewhere else, they brought a piece of their city to ours and I feel like its made Atlanta more of an ethnic culture all around. Another cool thing about the city is that there is always something new to find around the corner, whether it be a cool shop or just a cool food spot you never really know what u might find along the way.

One of the best shows I’ve had in the city was when I performed ‘Indigo Green’ off the EP which was the first single at the time way before I dropped the project at a spot called Center Stage ‘Club Vinyl’ and when I got done performing the song a guy came up to me with his wife and asked where he could buy the song..which he did and we’ve been cool ever since. That was a really cool moment for me as artist.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your new EP “NEVALAND”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks? What was it like working with so many different producers on this project? 

Well the concept going into this project was for me to be able to showcase all that I’m capable of as an artist and to show which lanes I could fit in if I wanted to. I wanted to give people something new but not too new to where they felt it was over there heads, I knew that in order for people to really accept me or even understand me as an artist it would take time, and the right records at a certain time. This ‘N E V A L A N D’ EP Is the first step in that process. The next project I have is called ‘Ambition’ and I feel its gonna be undeniable to radio as well as to the underground fans, but you guys wont be hearing that for a good while lol.

As far as producers go, a lot of the records on this particular project I found the beats on YouTube from some really talented cats. Tom Valley is an artist and producer for the label (NEVALAND Records) and we have another great producer by the name of Noco. If everything goes as planned with my career in the next few months to the end of this year I plan on signing all the producers who made those inspirational beats on my EP.

Indigo Green – I wrote this record looking not only to inspire others but also myself at the time. I was going threw a huge transition in my life which constantly would conflict my beliefs in myself and even sometimes God. So I wrote this record as a form of therapy really.

Dragonfly – I actually have a special place in my heart for this song because I wrote it on New years 2014 the actual night the year changed. When everybody was out celebrating the new years I was stuck in a hotel with my mom and I just felt really down, so I went in the bathroom and worked on the song for like 5 hours or so until it was done. Funny story, when in the song I say ‘ …mamma heard me saying gun/ she thinks I changed or something..” that line was inspired by the fact that when I was trying to figure out what to say at one point in the song I said gun and then she started making crazy comments for no reason.

On It – Martin Paine – This record is actually one of those songs that didn’t take that long to make. I wanted to make a song that represented exactly how I felt I would impact the industry as soon as people payed attention, this is that song.

NVERMIND – This song was heavily inspired by the production. When I heard the beat, the lyrics came by themselves. It definitely comes from a real place that I think both girls and guys can relate to.

Wonderland – This record was a lot of fun to make. It was produced by Tom Valley who I said before is on the label and we worked on this together. I wanted to make a record for this project that made sure people knew I was an MC and I was really coming to win.

Zodiac Love – This song was inspired by real life for sure. I wrote this song after not being able to get back in touch with a girl I had met in 5 Points (popular area in Atlanta) and we exchanged numbers and had a really strong vibe, the story goes on way longer than that but basically it never happened… but I always felt like it should have and would have but just didn’t, and that’s where the song come from.

Bando –  I made this record in the hopes of spreading a positive message while still being able to really turn up. I wanted to get a certain message across and I feel like we made that happen. Donovan McCray is on the record and he really brought it to another level, he’s also the only other artist I have on the project, Its a really dope record.

Peaches – This song I made to inspire and uplift all the beautiful girls from Atlanta who I feel never really get their just due or props. I wanted to make a song that not only recognized their assets but their ambition, hustle and go getter mentality while still being able to do what we do in Atlanta and turn up one time.

Heartbeat – This is last song on the EP and I feel like its the most fitting to be also. I wrote the record trying to express how I felt at the time. I felt like I was tiered of being perfect for everyone else and worried about their opinions and still not having fun. I wanted to let go of those feelings and fears and this song helped me do that.

Who have you collaborated with to create your image and visual presentation (press photographs, mixtape artwork, etc)?

Well so far I’ve only worked with one photographer who happened to be a friend of mine at SCAD Atlanta (Instagram – THE_ROSESMITH ) she’s extremely talented and it was a really fun shoot. I have another shoot planned with another friend of mine ( Twitter – @StiffonEm ) in March she’s also very very talented and I’m really excited for this one. As far as my logo, photo’s and graphic design goes I do all the editing when it comes to that right now. As an independent artist its almost a necessity now, I’m just glad the results are respectable.

What does 2015 hold in store for JimMi DaxX? How will you market the “NEVALAND” EP now that it has been released digitally?

I feel like this is my year honestly, I feel like I’ve laid the ground work and now its just time to make the connections and build the fan base. I feel once enough people really hear the music I cant see things not going forward for me in a fast way. I’ve been searching for management, but that takes time. Until then its shows and then more shows all of April and then the music videos will come next.

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