Jo Breath was born in 1996 after passion for piano and guitar and drums. He learned how to write feelings as poetry and song texts to share his emotions. Jo Breath is Italian and lives in Italy but he likes making English song music by itself. He specialty is blues and pop but he likes also beat-box.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background?

Jo: I started listening classical music since I was 8, but growing up I found my music listening rock pop blues and jazz.

When did you first begin writing music?
I started on 1990 when the English pop rock music was all around my life

Could you tell us a bit about each of the songs you’ve written to this date?
My first songs where about feeling and emotion, or love for a girl.

What is the music scene of your hometown (Syracuse, Sicily) like? What is it like living in Sicily?
Here there are a lot of group rock bands of different ages. Living in Sicily means sun and good food!

What is your favorite social marketing platform? Why?
I use many of them, but I can put at first some like G+ and Twitter. G+ is complete and complex technically advanced and Twitter is really perfect to know best professional people.

If you write or perform with any two artists, who would you choose? Why?
Chris Cornell and Thom Yorke because I grow up with them’s songs and them’s way of writing emotions.

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