Johan “Joe” Vegna is a music producer from Sweden. He works with bands from all over the world mixing and producing their songs to sound great before they hit Spotify & iTunes. With hes new studio the plan is to take on even more clients and do more mixing for bands recording themselves. Working with small independent artists and band is where he finds his passion.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? Who or what led you to pursue a career in music (specifically, the production of music)? I started out as a teen ager in my parents garage, playing lousy rock’N’roll. I started recording some of the music we made and got hooked. Somehow that evolved into me being more behind the mixing console and less behind the drums. I just fell in love with music production and have never really worked with anything else for the past 20 years.

What is life like in Kungsor, Sweden? Have you been a part of any exciting or interesting live performances that took place in Sweden? For the better part of my life I’ve lived in Stockholm and done a lot of live mixing. So I’ve worked with many bands. I love bands that give it all on stage, that gets me excited to really dig into the mixing. Bands like Backyard Babies & Hardcore Superstar really gets me going. Loud, noisy & dirty. I like other stuff than rock’N’roll as well. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was with the band Bourbonstate. The feeling they put into their songs is mindblowing.

You’ve produced for While Jimmie’s In Jail, Bourbonstate, Adiafora and Tune Tank, among others; what was it like working with each of these artists? How was the recording/producing process similar or different between artists? Being a producer is often more about connecting with the band than turning knobs. Anyone can set up a microphone and press “REC”. The tricky part is to find out what the band really want to express with their music and help them capture that on tape. So a band like Bourbonstate likes to play everything together as a band. With While Jimmies In Jail it often starts with the text and a melody. Then we ad some guitars, drums, bass, more guitars and finally some more guitars to really get the feeling right. So we don’t actually know how the song sounds until it’s done. With Tune Tank it’s the opposite. They often have a demo that sounds very much like the finished record. So we just record, mix, done.

I mix a lot of music for bands all over the world. Then all the music is already recorded and I just bring out the best of every instrument. So then it’s very much up to the band to capture everything the way they like it.

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of music? I will tell you the truth … nothing. Music takes up my whole life. It’s been 8 years since I had a vacation. Then we went to London for two days. I work all the time and I love it. I have the luxury to have my wife working with me. And she’s actually more of a workaholic than I am. I’ve tried to do other stuff outside the music, but I just gets restless and want to get back to the studio.

What do the remaining months of 2015 hold in store for Joe Vegna? Could you tell us about a few of the projects you’re currently working on? Lately I have been working with more and more bands over the internet. Mostly mixing their songs getting them ready for iTunes & Spotify. So there’s a lot of that going on. Yesterday I mixed the new While Jimmie’s In Jail single “Splinter of time” that will be released shortly. I have some upcoming projects in genres that are new to me. EBM & Aggrotech. That will expand my horizon. Always fun to try new stuff. And I’ve started working with a few songs with a amazing singer/songwriter from Sweden.

So a lot of stuff in a lot of different genres. No chance of things getting boring.

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