This Rising Artist has been playing guitar and singing for just a few years, but Joey Jive has taken it upon himself to create music to spread his passion. This England native’s music is a mix of rock with a grunge feel which is sure to get your foot tapping. We asked Joey a few questions about his musical background and what inspires him to play.

Entertwine: Tell us a little about your musical background and how you got your start?

Joey Jive: I have only been interested in music since my late teens and for several Christmases and birthdays I have collected enough instruments, hardware and software to make my own small recording studio where I learned myself and took it from there.

ET: What is the story behind the stage name Joey Jive?

JJ: There is no story behind it, it’s just a good name like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.

ET: How has your homeland, England influence your music style and career?

JJ: I am a massive fan of British music, it is a very large influence in the music I write but as for living here the duration of my music career, I would rather not.

ET: Which song would you say is your favorite off your latest record, and why?

JJ: I don’t have a favorite as I always think that the songs could be better so I start to hate them but I think personally the best song I’ve written lyrically off the album is Diner Girl.

ET: With all of the competition in the music industry, how do you attempt to make yourself stand out?

JJ: It’s just all about the planning and strategy just as in any business. I have a massive strategy for 2014 that I cannot disclose any information about because it’s such a massive plan and it’s definitely going to make an impact within the music industry. So keep an eye out early 2014 for new movements from my independent record label Barlight Records.

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