Jonezen, the LA Music Awards winner for Hip Hop Artist of the Year has had a breakthrough 2013/early 2014. This Hip Hop artist was quite busy with festival dates, a performance on the Janice Dickinson talk show, and having tracks featured in the new Jamie Kennedy movie “Buddy Hitchins.” Jonezen is an LA artist on the rise, keep your eyes peeled. We interviewed Jonezen exclusively here on Entertwine. Enjoy.

Entertwine: How did you get into hip hop? What made you choose this genre?

Jonezen: The House of Pain song “Jump Around”. I started writing lyrics in 4th grade but they were really rock songs. Then I heard House of Pain and they switched to raps and I never looked back. I used to take my boom box out on the balcony of my apartment and play that cassette as loud as it could get and act like there was some huge audience in the parking lot.

ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to writing and performing?

J: There’s so many. When it comes to rap influences I really dig artist like Classified, Tech n9ne, Jay Cole, Machine Gun Kelly, and of course the legends like Biggie, Pac, Snoop, Em. But I also play guitar and produce and grew up on rock and roll music so when it comes to that I’m really into Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, John Mayer…the list goes on.

ET: What does it feel like to work so hard, and then see results and reward by winning LA Music Awards. “Hip Hop Artist Of The Year” Award? It must be incredibly rewarding! 

J: After going what I went through, losing the career I had built to an alcohol addiction, almost dying, ending up in rehab, and figuring out how to start over, to come that far in just over a year was un real. I owe that one to the fans and people in my life who helped pick me back up. It was really the cherry on top to an unreal, even surreal year. I’m nominated again at the 2014 LA music awards so we’re going for two in a row.

ET: What was your experience like having one of your tracks featured in the new movie, “Buddy Hitchins,” featuring Jamie Kennedy?

J: It was dope. Being on set is a trip with all the cameras, the crew, director, I felt out of place for sure. Movie isn’t out yet but being on set was fun. That song is actually a track called “Killing Me To Live” that I perform with another LA band I play in called Straight Jackitt. Jamie was in the scene playing guitar while we jammed the song and I spit the verses. All in all a dope experience.

ET: Love the video for “Feels So Good.” What is the story behind this song and the inspiration for the video?

J: That track is really about being on top after hitting rock bottom. I had fun with the lyrics. There’s a solid message in there but also a few cocky punch lines. The video concept was all the director. I sent him the song and he came up with the locations and put that vision together. It translated well when it was all put together.

ET: What is next for Jonezen?

J: Right now I’m focused on finishing and promoting my new album Beautiful Disaster which drops this summer. I’m still shooting videos and releasing one a month leading up to it’s release. Definitely excited to perform at SXSW this year. Also focusing on the 2014 LA Music Awards and trying to get another win under my belt. Other than that it’s business as usual: book shows, work on getting press, meeting new fans, shaking hands, networking, and just doing the damn thing.

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