Judd Motz, born October 6, 1995, is an American hip-hop artist hailing from Georgia. At 18 years of age, he is slowly climbing his way to the top of his local hip-hop community. Motz has been preparing for his debut album, focusing on deep lyrical content about life, truth, and trials while incorporating catchy beats, ranging from Old-school to New-school styles. Motz just released his debut hip-hop EP, What Matters in the End, on March 1st, 2014, and plans to release a full length hip-hop album in the near future.

Entertwine: How did you get your start into rap and hip hop? When did you know this was something you really wanted to pursue?

Judd Motz: It’s funny, because I actually never intended to get into hip hop. I had been writing and listening to metal music for about 4 years, but after I had finished writing my first metal album, I decided I needed a break, so I started making experimental songs which eventually transitioned into hip hop beats. I didn’t have any intention to rap on the beats I made, but one day I tried it out, and it sounded decent, so I asked myself, “why not?” After writing more and getting positive feedback, I decided that this could be something I could see myself doing in the long run, so I’ve been trying my hardest to get my hip hop music out there and see if I can gain some recognition through it.

ET: You’re at your prime – the age of 18 and you have so much going for you which is awesome! How do you plan on standing out beyond the rest with all of the competition in the scene?

JM: I think I just have to worry about making good music and try not to think of it as a business, but think of it as something I love to do and something that others can relate to. With anything, there are going to be people who dislike what you do or who you are, no matter how hard you try to get them to like you or your craft.  When you worry less about people and more about the music, results will start to show without any conscious thoughts about success. Making music is my way of expressing myself; it doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. With my music, I want people to know that I’m just a normal dude and that I’m giving them pieces of my story and unveiling my struggles to help them overcome the same struggles they may have in their lives.

ET: Tell us about your latest EP, “What Matters in the End,” which just released this past March. What is the story behind this EP, and what was the process of recording like?

JM: This EP was a last-minute thing. All the tracks were recorded within a year’s time, but I never had the intent to put them on the same record. I posted a few singles months before the EP, but wasn’t really staying up to date after those releases, so I thought it would be a good time to get going again and put out an EP to give fans a taste of what will come in the future. The main motivation behind the EP was the fact that there are two sides to everything – joy and sorrow, good and bad, but specifically, life and death. I’m terrible at explaining my own songs, so all I will say is that these thoughts were in the back of my mind when I was recording, and each song was made to reflect things in my own life.

ET: What kind of message do you strive to get across to your fans, and why?

JM: The message I want to get across to my fans is that life is not a game, and what we choose to do with our time can either make us or break us. I also want my fans to see that they’re not alone and that there is always an answer if they seek it diligently. Life is too short to dabble in superficial matters, and substance is only found through searching.

ET: Right now you’re focusing on your debut album! What can you tell us about this album, and what can fans expect?

JM: My debut album is going to be very aggressive, but also have lots of softer parts. It’s based heavily on the past year or two of my life. A lot of the songs on the album were written directly after an event in my life took place, where emotions greatly dictated what I wrote, so I think it will definitely let people see the more rugged side of my life. I don’t think it will sound anything like my debut EP, so hopefully my fans will be able to adapt to a new sound/style. I don’t have a specific release date yet, but I do want fans to know that the album will be out this fall.

Connect With Judd Motz:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/juddmotzprod
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/juddmotzproductions?feature=watch
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/judd-motz
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/judd-motz/id605867020

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