Multi-instrumentalist Justin Bryte has quickly begun to capture fans all around the globe. He has over 4.9 million views, as well as his covers being played & recognized on z100’s Saturday Night Online, RyanSeacrest.com, CBS Local, Popdust Magazine & AXS TV. Justin is continuing to captivate & perform at many prestigious venues in the Tri-State area while adding the finishing touches to his upcoming EP. We asked this Youtuber a few questions about how he got started on the social media platform, his new cover of “Style” by Taylor Swift, and more in the interview below.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? What can you tell us your experience within the music scene of New York City? You’ve been uploading videos to YouTube of you performing your arrangements of popular songs for about 3 years now, correct?

Justin Bryte: Cliche to say, but music has always been a part of my life. It honestly just started with pure interest at a young age which then led to desires to pursue it professionally. Since that decision several years ago I’ve just made it my goal to take everything I do to the next level & try to outdo myself. I’ve always wanted to connect to music on as many levels that I can which is why I took vocal training for many years, as well as teaching myself piano & guitar.1013307_582916178470802_2058055665_n

The music scene in New York City sometimes looks like something out of a movie. The amount of talent here is just unbelievable. I’m grateful for growing up in this city because it’s opened so many doors for me. Yes,  3 long years ago I uploaded my first cover video .. (which in retrospect is kind of cringe worthy for me to watch now!) Since then I knew that music was more than just a hobby.

How does it feel to know that these arrangements have been featured or recognized on programs such as CBS Local, AXS TV, and z100’s Saturday Night Online? What can you tell us about your fan base?

JB: Words can’t describe how it feels to gain recognition for the work I put into these videos especially when it not only comes from my fans, but well known programs all throughout the state. I remember getting the call from my team when my Selena Gomez cover was being played on z100… I was about to pay my bill in a restaurant when I got the call and was so hyped up about it I walked out not realizing I forgot to pay! My fans are loyal & caring and they’re 99% of the reason I’m able to keep doing this.

What went into the making of your most recent video (your cover of Taylor Swift’s new single ‘Style’)? How did this one differ from your other videos? How have you been able to record, film, and release new music videos so regularly?

JB: My most recent cover video to Taylor Swift’s “Style” was definitely one of my favorites I’ve taken on. I’ve always strived to reinterpret songs in a different light than the original and I think I captured that this time around. Unlike other videos of mine my videography team & I came into this one with a “high risk high reward” mentality. I wanted to shoot the video with the exact emotion that the song provoked for me.

I’m currently signed to The Emergence which is a production company based out of NY. Together we create the components of the track. I lay down the vocals & then a few hours later jump into a video shoot with Moon Lite Films. I’ve had people sit in on these sessions and they can’t believe how quickly & efficiently we get this done… I guess we just have it down to a science now.

What does a typical recording session look and sound like for Justin Bryte?

JB: A typical recording session of mine in a few words: Creativity, candles, snacks, hot tea & laughs.

What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Justin Bryte? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled? Will you be touring the United States in 2015?

JB: There’s a lot of new projects coming up that I’m trying to keep under the wraps (which is terribly tough for me to do for the record!) I will say that alongside my cover videos I’ve been writing a lot of original material for myself as well as for other artists. My EP is really coming full circle now & I’m expecting a first single to drop in early 2015. My mind has been locked up in the studio for the past few months now, but every now and then I’ve come out to perform. Currently booking a few shows around the holiday time I’ll be announcing soon. The end goal is to have my original material generate enough of a buzz that I’ll tour not only in the United States, but internationally as well. More than hyped for that.

Connect With Justin Bryte:
TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/jbrytemusic
FACEBOOK: http://Facebook.com/brytemusic
YOUTUBE: http://Youtube.com/talentamplified
SOUNDCLOUD: http://Soundcloud.com/jbrytemusic
INSTAGRAM: http://Instagram.com/jbrytemusic


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