tonight_cover_5Emerging singer dancer and actress Kendra Black will be releasing R&B single “Tonight” Featuring Ty Alaxandar and Cody Verbage, on March 4th (itunes etc)! There will be a single release show at Toshi’s Living Room in Manhattan NYC with special guests Ty and Verbage, and a special performance from Pop-R&B Artist Lachi. Apart from producing her upcomming album “Call Me K” she also has several film productions in the works including an amazing new reality series coming soon.In 2014, along with being featured in a Christmas Album by HawthplayRecords, she also featured in two Movie Projects: The Lucky Ones, directed and produced by Stephen Petrillo, and 9/11. Having performed in France, Monte-Carlo, Italy, Egypt, U.S. and the Caribbean, Kendra trained and performed with teachers from the Music Conservatory of Cannes (France), and from The Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan. She lads joined Voice Academy NYC where she worked with Justin Stoney and A&R Meghan Cress.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What led you to pursue a career as a performer and recording artist?

I grew up living and breathing HipHop music. When I was little I used to lock myself in my room with a professional microphone and speakers, and sing until sunrise. I was the eleven year old kid who could rap any Black Eyed Peas song, and that neighbors were always complaining about for the loud music. I used to be very shy, and I’ve never been good with words; singing was, and is, the true expression of my soul. However, I didn’t become a good writer until I got my heart broken. I was eighteen at the time, and was very unexperienced… I’m about to turn 20 in a couple of weeks, and I already wrote more than 200 songs since then. I have to admit that my singing career started during the toughest time of my life… and it grew when I was angry, very angry.. and determined to show the world the real me.

What is the music scene of New York City like, in your opinion? Are there particular venues or listening rooms that you frequent to hear live music?

I believe there’s magic in the New York air… Here you can do anything, be anything, achieve anything… This city is one of the best places you could find yourself in as an artist, it has the coolest music venues, and is home to some of the most talented musicians in the world. Of course, what shines isn’t always gold… Many times in the music scene, you will come across people trying to take advantage of you, but once you find true friends and trusted partners, you become practically invincible. Of course, I can’t tell you how many times my music ended up in the wrong hands before I finally found my team, but I believe that when you open up to people, great things can happen, and I learned that true artists help each other no matter what.

Tell us about each of the featured tracks that will be on your new album, including the lead single ‘Tonight’; will ‘Hooked On You’ and ‘Overboard’ be featured on the record? You’re also producing the record, right?

‘Call me K’ is the result of a year of work. It went through so many changes, and many producers before I could truly find the right team to work on the record. See.. I’m one of the pickiest people on the planet, and I spent months perfecting each track before I could call it a finished product. The main single, ‘Tonight’, is a very unique blend of R&B, HipHop, and old 90’s tunes, and it really shows off my style and the music direction I’m undertaking. It’s the first song I wrote for this album, and I can’t tell you how many revisions it had to go through before I finally decided it was the one!

‘Hooked on you’ and ‘Overboard’, are among my favorite tracks featured on the record. ‘Hooked on you’ is about a girl stuck in a one way relationship, who is very hesitant to talk about her feelings because she knows that this would mean cutting off all ties with the one she’s attached to. ‘Overboard’ is about a girl longing for a guy that completely turned her world upside down, and willing to do anything for his touch, even just for one last time.

You’ve been able to perform all over the world in places like France, Italy, Egypt, and the Caribbean; what have these experiences been like? What is one thing you learned performing in each of these very different countries?

Well.. Is there anything more exciting than performing in front of a huge public? of course there is! and it’s doing what you love… while traveling, and seeing the world. I find it so amazing to be able to sing in front of people from different countries, with different backgrounds,  and different taste in music. These incredible experiences taught me how important it is to connect with all different kinds of audiences, and gave me the chance to convey so much more, and grow as an artist.

What else does 2015 hold in store for Kendra Black?

I’m determined to make the most of this year. It started off great and It’s about to get even better!
My album, ‘Call me K’, will be dropping on March 10th, right on time for my birthday! And I’ve already begun working on my next release. Also I have many TV opportunities in the works as well as collaborations with some amazing artists. What can I say? in my opinion, if you really want to make your dreams come true, believing in it isn’t nearly enough. You have to work for it, more than you ever worked for anything else, and that takes a lot of inner strength.

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