Kholebeatz is a rising Scandinavian rap-producer/artist. He has gained some attention after releasing numerous Dipset-projects, and is now also ready to drop his mixtape Factory Sealed 3. This brand new mixtape features an array of guest artists such as Project Pat (Three 6 Mafia), Mike Jones, Dipset and a few others. Enjoy our interview below as we get to know Kholebeatz a bit better as well as an inside scoop on Factory Sealed 3. 

Entertwine: What got your started into music? Why did you choose rap over other genres?

Kholebeatz: I started with music because It’s in my family. I found out when I heard dr dre, beastie boys and tommy tee back in the days, that I wanted to make this genre. I hate my voice, and I suck at writing lyrics, that’s why Im totally focused on beats!

ET: When did you realize rap was something you wanted to pursue?

K: Probably in 2005, when I made a track with a Norwegian rapper named DVD. This track got like 100K views on youtube, and I got some response. That’s when I wanted to make this a serious hobby. But now I want to make it my full-time job!

ET: What inspires you to write and perform? Why?

K: I don’t write, and I perform little. I got some dj-sets, but that’s it. Im mostly in my studio, sippin’ ice coffee and making beats! Im inspired by Dipset, Dirty South, Texas, Rocky IV, Brass-sounds, caffeine, having fun, and my friends.

ET: If you could explain your music in three words, what would they be?

K: Rocky IV Music !

ET: Tell us about your upcoming release of your mixtape, “Factory Sealed 3.” What can listeners expect, and how is it different from your past work?

K: Factory Sealed 3 is my best mixtape so far, featuring big names like Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia, Mike Jones, Dipset and a whole bunch of talent. I have reached out to the US, and Finland, for features. It contains some hardcore bangers like “Doughboy part 2”, and some laid back tracks like “Synchronicity Part 2”, featuring Finland biggest rap group through time.

ET: What was it like working with Project Pat?

K: It was cool, It was Bennie Franks who arranged the whole thing. He sent me the track, and how he wanted it to sound like in Europe. I’ve never met the guys, just connected via email. But I think Project Pat is dopeness, and love his special flow. “Its yo boy Project Pataaaaaaaaaa, pistol-smackaaaaaa”. I listen to his music every day. It  was dope to get Mike Jones on the tape too. Who? Mike Jones! I saiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

K: My next move is to keep releasing mixtapes, and network in the dirty south. I wanna make bangers and keep doing my thing until the world recognize my work.

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