Born Kevin A. Silmon from Tulsa, Oklahoma; a visionary lyricist with a philosophy embodying unique blends of funky rhythmic patterns in melodic perfection. Now finally the new EP… (Stack My Chips, Home Iz What I Bleed, #CuteFace). As a youngster, he was the go-to back up dancer for many local acts Tulsa. For K’naK, music has been a hobby that functions as an outlet to express himself. K’naK has continued to be an innovator in today’s music world. His musical journey consists of releasing his first solo project called KlubLife, he also created a web series entitled KlubLife Nashville. Always staying ahead of the curb, K’naK is the creator and host of an internet radio talk show called The GetHeard Show; a new digital platform designed for indie artists to market and promote their art. He is currently working on a new collection of EP’s. This new EP speaks for itself, and once you have the chance to experience this new body of work, you too will agree… there is still some cool rap music out there, and this is exactly that!

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? I’m from a musical family; my brothers had a funk band when I was growing up as a kid, so I was always around seasoned musicians and people of the business.

Where did you grow up? What was the music scene of your hometown like? I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (The music scene) was thriving and had a lot of diversity.

Could you tell us about a few of the most exciting or interesting live performances you’ve been a part of? One time (I was) showcasing at a Nashville soul-hop show and the Host/MC was still humming & singing the song we (had) just ended with as we (walked) off stage. It was dope to hear him and the crowd still singing it & chanting it.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your debut album “Klublife”? Could you tell us about each of the features tracks? What are the biggest differences between this album and your 2011 album (“Download Me”) that you collaborated on with Motorcidy (aside from it being a collaborative album)? When I was a kid the keyboardist in my brothers’ band told me he was (going to) help me with my music someday. When I decided on becoming an artist I invested in a 8-track digital recorder and knocked on his door and took him up on his promise. He had a nice Korg workstation keyboard he was making dope tracks on and from there we started hooking up five days a week writing and making demos. ShugaShack Records became the label and the rest is history. I started showcasing my songs locally and from there (I decided to) make a solo album (“KlubLife”). ‘Yo Freakness’ is a ‘feel-good’ track that instantly made people wanna groove in their seat or get on the dance floor and have fun. I remember after a performance Harold Waley (of Urban Network magazine/radio) came up to me and said he heard a lot of music on radio and that (the song) should have been a hit for me. I was young at the time and in the early stages of my musical journey. In actuality I was networking and building a foundation for my career as a indie artist. ‘Like Whua’ was another club banger that (was received) well and ‘Ghetto Gamez’ is a song that is still relevant to this day. Overall, “KlubLife” was a pretty solid body of work, in my opinion, summarized by (the lyrics I wrote for ‘Love of Da Game’): “14 tracks, all original hits, most cats in the industry, ain’t even doing this”. “Download Me” was another (solid) body of work but another good example of good music and poor planning (on the side of marketing & promotions). It was also a great introductory lesson in the world of releasing music digitally and it also gave me the opportunity to perfect my stage performance.

How many episodes of the radio show Get Heard have you hosted or been a part of? What are some of the most recent topics you’ve spoken about on your show? Who are some of the artists that you regularly play (or is there regularly a revolving cast)? I believe it (airs) 52 Sundays a year; I’ve been grindin’ with The Get Heard Show for (about) 3 years now. I’ve hosted about 156+ episodes. Topics (discussed on the show) include: “Are People Too Busy Feeling Themselves These Days?”, “Fathers That Wanna Be Fathers But Can’t”, “What Makes Dreams Become Reality?”, and “What Do Your Sexual Desires Say About You?”. (The show airs) every Sunday at 7 PM CST at www.blogtalkradio.com/getheard. I play independent artists, (including) Ray Peligro, Jay Features, Phil Wade, Tracy Cruz, Drupy fli Musik, Toni Estes, Dre of Code 3, Anthony AK King, Quedon, and Andre “Dre’ Boogie” Wilson.

Tell us about the video series (Klublife Nashville) that you hosted in 2010 and 2011. It was a digital tool that I used to help promote my music and build my brand. So many fun episodes, including going to France, The Halloween Episode, and The New Year’s Eve Episode; it showed the different layers of Nashville artists and the nightlife of Music City…the fun times, the great people, the positive vibes. Grab the Scene Magazine and you can find some type of entertainment on any given night in music city.

You’re currently working on new material, correct? What can you tell us about the two music videos (‘Love Of Da Game’ and ‘Home Iz What I Bleed’) you have been featured in? What was it like working with Spencer Vibe on the latter? Yes. The ‘Love of Da Game’ video was one of my earlier videos from the first album. ‘Home Iz What I Bleed’ is off the new EP and talks about where I’m from and (how) sometimes even when you leave where you’re from you never stop loving home because home is what made you the person you are today. Working with Spencer Vibe was a great experience. It was so cool to work with a new up and coming videographer from my hometown. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I still keep my ear to the streets and stay up on who’s poppin’ back home. I did some research and found Spencer Vibe and jumped on the phone and connected with him. I called him up when I went home to visit and we met on Gap Band Avenue (home of the GAP Band, aka “Black Wall Street”, from the infamous 1921 Greenwood district) and boom, ‘Home Iz What I Bleed’ was made.

What does the remainder of 2015 hold in store for K’Nak? I have a new video & single coming out titled ‘Stack My Chips’. (The video was) filmed & directed by Steven Webster of Hy Def Imaging. It’s an amazing visual (work) that’s going to kick off the new Nak Neezy projects. I’m super excited about this new collection of EP’s (that) I’m working on because (they’re) very personal & dear to me (and it is) some of my best work to date. I was blessed with some amazing people who helped me get this vision out, (especially) engineer/producer Sean Giovanni of The Record Shop. I also (have) a team of producers on beast mode for this project, including: Skyscrapa (who has worked with Dom Kennedy), Jak Brown (who has worked with 2 Chainz), Paul Cabbin (who has worked with Truth Hurts), as well as Sam Hunter on guitar/bass and singer/songwriter Reecy and Frank Hood on background vocals. I even got one of the hottest features of all time with Drupy fli Musik, one of Nashville’s hottest acts on the urban hip-hop scene. Nashville has a very prominent music scene and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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