Kramar Zaibatsu is an artist with a kaleidoscopic outlook on his music, a truly experimental performer that refuses to get stuck in a box, not only musically and conceptually, but also aesthetically, as testified by the parade of monikers he adopted throughout his variegated career. Few artists on the music scene are willing to take such chances with their art. Sonically, Kramar set out to deliver a blend of progressive, electronica, glitch, ambient and much more, as portrayed on his debut album “The Dark Enlightenment”, which reads like an unpredictable flow of music, better enjoyed when listening to the album from start to bottom. Enjoy our interview with Kramar below!

ET: How did you get your start into music, and how did you decide to shape your sound?

Kramar: At a very early age I began experiencing what I call, the “interior music”.
It has always been a dream of mine to perfectly transcribe this interior music, or some part of it, into compressed sound.

ET: Who are your influences when it comes to writing music, and why?

KZ: There are so many names to mention, that I would rather mention one name which actually isn’t music related per se. The name is Jiddu Krishnamurti, look into his work.

ET: If you could describe your sound in three words, what would they be? 

KZ: No.Room.For.Description. – I know, I know that’s four words, what can I do?


ET: Tell us about your album, The Dark Enlightenment.” What is the meaning of the album as a whole? What was the writing process like?

KZ: The album is an amalgam of my musical career. The underlying theme would be realizing that everything you do is wrong and there is nothing you can do to escape from this predicament.

ET: What is your hope for the genre of music that you write and perform? Any plans for the rest of 2014?

KZ: I am planning on releasing a second official album, the sequel to The Dark Enlightenment. As of now, it mostly has a glitchy sound but in the end it will surely cover a broader range of aesthetics. I am planning on doing some more shows by the end of the year. Contact me at kramarzaibatsu@gmail.com for booking details.

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