Krista Hartman is an adult contemporary artist quickly emerging from the wild rose country in Northern Canada. So far Krista has released two independent records (Passport, 2005 and Nostalgia, 2009) and is currently working on her newest upcoming release, Constellations set to release in 2015. Hartman has toured worldwide, appeared on National Television in Canada and is excited to release her upcoming record, and we got exclusive details in our interview with Krista right here on Entertwine.net!

Entertwine: What does a day in the life of Krista Hartman look and sound like? What is life like in Northern Canada?

A day in my life currently looks like a split collage of Lake Michigan and The Canadian Rocky Mountains. During the day, it sounds like rush hour traffic on lakeshore drive, but at night there’s hopefully a few welcomed moments of silence.

Life in Northern Canada is tremendously beautiful in terms of the scenery. In my hometown, at night, late autumn and winter, we have the Northern Lights. In the summer at night there is still light in the sky after 10pm. Edmonton, Alberta hosts the second largest Fringe Festival in the world and its arts and music scene is avant-garde. The Canadian Rockies are a must-see for anyone interested in venturing over to Canada.

What events and experiences inspired the writing of your new album “Constellations”? Could you tell us a bit about each of the featured songs?

Constellations is a collection of a songs that are quite diverse in subject matter. My producer, Dean Drouillard explains: “though it might be tempting to place Krista Hartman’s Constellations into the singer-songwriter category, there is more depth and drama within the walls of these songs than may be taken at face value. Her personal songs reveal an artist searching for meaning in living, a desire to connect with that which moves us. Krista questions innocently, opines with a plaintive waver over lush and detailed musical landscapes. The dreamy cinematic production provides context for Hartman’s personal tales that touch on philanthropy, life in Canada, motherhood, lost and found love. The sonically diverse recordings fit together like books on a shelf that you keep coming back to in order to relive the drama within.”130712_khartman_434

“Sunny Days” is a pop song about being trying to make each day and epic one as a parent despite the weather, the storms, the tears- living in the perfect light of chaos with your child as a parent.

“For the Money” is a rock ballad about the blue collar worker who sacrifices his reputation, lifestyle (20 days living in a work camp, 10 days off at home) and authenticity for the money in the oil patch. In northern Canada, so many men are judged harshly for working jobs that take resources from the land, I wanted depict the workers inner struggle to survive and make a living.

“Medicine Man” is ballad devoted to a first nations medicine man I used to work with at a Friendship Centre in my hometown. I used to accompany him to the penitentiary to do healing circles with inmates- he had a healing effect on everybody he worked with, I also felt as though he was my kindred spirit.

Tell us about making this record with Dean Drouillard, your producer, in Toronto; what was the recording process like?

Working with Dean Drouillard was uplifting and cathartic. I was able to trust him 100% with my material. We recorded the BED tracks at JoshuaVan Tassle’s Dream Date studio in The Junction in Toronto over the course of a week, so I had a vague idea of what the songs were going to sound like. I left the songs in trust to Dean to finish, so it was a like unwrapping a welcomed gift when he sent me the finished songs.

How does “Constellations” differ from or expand on your two previous releases (“Passport” in 2005 and “Nostalgia” in 2009)?

The instrumentation in Constellations is dynamic, filled with sonic cinematography, very dramatic while the vocals are understated. The lyrical content is sincere and real. On my prior recordings, I had a sense of carelessness and freedom because I wasn’t necessarily concerned with upholding a positive contribution to the world. This time, I really wanted to present music that was insightful, songs that would hold up in front of any kind of audience.

Tell us about the years you spent performing all around Asia, Europe, Quebec, and the South Pacific; how did those experiences shape you and help you become who you are today?

All of my travels have inspired my writing and taught me that the world is a small place, the world is my family. Music is the only pure culture and language we can all understand. There were times I was travelling and found myself afraid of a person, or perhaps lost in a shady area, but as soon as I would pull out my guitar and play, the tension in the air would vanish. I was home.

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