Seattle native Kristin Chambers is a singer/songwriter in the style of James Taylor, Carol King,Bob Dylan, and Norah Jones. Described by the Seattle Weekly as “a gifted vocalist” Kristin’s voice is filled with the passion of Adele and the clarity of Sara Bareilies. Recently Kristin released her full length album entitled “Everything Woman” at the end of 2014. The album is produced by Eric Eagle (Jesse Sykes) with orchestral arrangements by Hans Teuber, and smooth performances by Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple), Jeff Feilder (Star Anna), and Steve Moore (Sufjan Stevens).

Hello Kristin! Your hometown team (the Seahawks) just played (and unfortunately lost) in the Super Bowl; BUT hopefully you had a killer time – any fun plans or performances? What has the atmosphere of the city been like recently due to last year’s Super Bowl win and this year’s strong season?

Seattle is super fun right now! The championship game was insane- how it all turned around in the last 4 minutes the way it did. It really was inspiring to see what can happen if you don’t give up when the odds are stacked against you. I love a great sports metaphor for life! So the city is a very warm place to be in the middle of winter this year just like last year. Strangers greeting each other with “Go Hawks”. Lots of smiles. Even if you aren’t a football fan there’s an overall energy here you can’t deny. I will be there every second of the game!

Tell us about how and why “Everything Woman” was made; who was involved?

Everything Woman is actually my second full length album and I also have and EP out there called “Endless Road”. The bulk of the songs on “Everything Woman” which is named after the title track, were written in the year before they were recorded. I would say this collection has many empowering uplifting songs on it. Not that the entire narrative of each is about happy love, and rainbows, but there is definitely a theme of moving forward and coming out stronger after a hardship. There are some amazing artists on this record that really bring my music to such a lush and beautiful place. Jeff Fielder (Amy Ray, Star Anna) on guitar, Keith Lowe(Fiona Apple) on Bass, Songwriter and pianist Michael Stegner, and Eric Eagle (Jesse Sykes) are the core band that everything is resting nicely on, but there are other lovely sounds layered on top as well. The actual title track “Everything Woman” was such a cool surprise addition I wrote late in the scheme of things and surprisingly it became the anthem and title of the record. It is a really sweet song about a woman that is everything to someone. She is real, loving, and willing to be vulnerable in a relationship, which makes her everything to her partner.

What was it like working with Eric Eagle of Skoor Sound?

Eric Eagle is such a gifted producer and engineer and drummer. I have worked with him in the past in live performances in which he played the drums, so this was our first album where he wore the producer hat. He has the best ears in Seattle and just actually opened Skoor Sound, so my record was the first through the studio. It was fun working in the smell of fresh wood and shellac, feeling at the beginning of something great for both Eric and myself.

Eric is patient and made me feel confident in the booth. It’s easy to lose yourself when you start digging deep into many takes on a song. Easy to lose patience with yourself and your ears and voice can get a bit tired. Eric set me up for success by knowing when the day needed to be over OR when to keep on even through frustration.DSC_7815

What experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of these particular compositions?

My writing process on most songs starts from a small kernel of a real experience that I’ve had in the past, or even a feeling that I remember vividly. Usually though things unfold into many more layers of fiction. This album“Everything Woman” felt brave, as some of the starting ideas came from some of disappointments both in relationships and life that I needed to put out there and in turn put to rest.

Could you tell us about a few of the most exciting and interesting live performances you’ve been a part of?

I spent a long time in theater in New York so there are too many to count. I get really excited about being on stage. I think it’s such an amazing privilege that I never take for granted.

When I started to perform my own songs then the fire was really lit. Not only is it a performance, but the material is mine as well.

I think my recent CD release show was super exciting. The band was so good and I was so ready to share the music!

What is your favorite social networking platform? Why?

I think I understand Facebook the most so I probably post there the most. I am on twiter and instagram but am working on how to feel more connected in those platforms. It’s ironic to feel alienated at times doing something that is supposed to connect you isn’t it? I am learning how to come to terms with that.

How has the new year treated you so far?

So far so good. I have been writing and working on new material and scheduling live performances.

What does 2015 hold in store for Kristin Chambers?

I am so looking forward to playing out live a lot this year. It really keeps the fire burning for all aspects of my music career. I will be putting out a Christmas album this year as well. So the work on that needs to begin soon, if you can believe that.!

Do you have any upcoming performances?

I have some local acoustic shows in the Seattle area. Check out details at

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