Laurrhie Brouns is a Haitian/Dutch singer & songwriter who created her own unique genre & sound called “EuroKpop”, by not only blending together the futuristic electronic K-pop sounds of the East with her powerful soulful voice and r & b / hip hop / soul influences of the West, but her love for this style and the culture has also led her to incorporate Korean into her English lyrics. At 25 years of age, already she’s built up a very impressive résumé; She has performed three times at the huge Arena in Amsterdam for a crowd of 50.000 people each time, did a club tour throughout the Netherlands, shared the stage with Emeli Sandé and with Bob Marley’s legendary band The Wailers, and was a contestant on season 3 of The voice of Holland. And now Laurrhie has begun the next stage of her musical journey with the release of her new single “Taboo”. “Taboo” is the first single from Laurrhie’s upcoming debut EP “Ascension: Golden seeds of light”, which Laurrhie co-produced and executive produced. We got the chance to ask Laurrhie a few questions about her music career thus far, as well as some insight to her latest release!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? I grew up in a house filled with music & art. My father is an artist, so I definitely got the creative gene from him! When I was little, my parents used to sing to me & with me all the time. They had this huge collection of cassette-tapes and LP’s that we would often play on the record player and ghetto blaster. I also remember the radio being on pretty much every morning as I was getting ready for school. Apart from singing I also loved to dance, act, draw, paint and write a whole lot of stories. The arts were definitely my realm.

Also every time people would come over to visit my house I would pretty much force them to watch & hear me perform, and give them a show haha! The first time I performed on a big stage was at the age of 4, when my school had this big event to celebrate their 70 years and asked a few kids to perform. Around the age of 11/12 is when I wrote my first real song, which I actually recorded with a dear friend of mine in her own little home studio. From then on I just kept writing, recording and performing everywhere. In addition to being active in the actual “music scene” for years, I also graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2011).

Who or what led you to pursue a career in music? You know.. it’s not really because of something or someone external. It’s this inner knowing that I’ve always had. Even as a child I always knew what my souls purpose was, and what I came to do in this lifetime. Music, the arts.. is who I am, it’s part of my DNA. When I am creating, performing, expressing etc, I am being me in the truest form. So it wasn’t a matter of me having to “choose” this path or anything, I just KNEW and followed my intuition 🙂

What was it like growing up in Amsterdam? Well actually when I was little we used to move around a lot. My father is Dutch and my mother is from Haïti. He met her while he was living in Haïti. I was born in Port-Au-Prince, then when I was about 2 years we moved to the south of the Netherlands and a few cities later eventually we settled in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam has a very unique and dynamic kind of energy to it. And it houses so many different cultures & influences.

What experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of your upcoming EP “Ascension: Golden Seeds of Light”? This EP is about a mixture of things. It’s a combination of my personal evolution process and experiences and my observations and fascination with humanity, and/or our collective consciousness. As I was writing the songs for my EP “Ascension: Golden seeds of light” I found myself just plugging into what I guess you’d call ‘higher frequencies’ and just.. channel you know, just allow what ever was supposed to come through, come through the filter of my being & all the experiences that I’ve had.

What can you tell us about each of the featured tracks, especially the single, ’Taboo’? Well my EP serves as the 1st part of what you could call a two-part “story”. It is a process in itself,  and each of the featured tracks represents the next phase in that process. So I’m going to remain tight lipped for now about the rest of the featured tracks hihi! And reveal each track, aka each “phase” step by step.. 😉

Now ‘Taboo’ has many different layers to it. It’s about not being afraid to completely lose yourself in love, this person find him/herself initially doubting whether or not to go all in. But eventually can’t resist it any longer and just goes for it. So one could ask, why the doubt? why would this person doubt such a beautiful thing? Perhaps it’s because it’s a same sex relationship? or maybe it’s someone from a different culture? religion? or maybe this person’s experiences has led them to develop deep seated fears of intimacy? Like I said so many layers, but in the end this person breaks that taboo and more importantly ; Transcends it.

What went into the making of the music video for your song ‘Don’t Make Me Get My Purse’? O my gosh flash back haha! This video was made back in 2011. It was such an amazing experience! It was my first music video e-v-e-r. I really enjoyed it. We shot it in 2,5 days. There was a huge team of extremely talented people who were involved in creating this music video, and I really am lucky to have had the chance to work with them.I also loved the fact that I was able to dance & act in it. I’m really happy with how the video turned out.

Aside from the release of “Ascension”, what else does 2016 hold in store for Laurrhie Brouns, musically-speaking? Do you have any upcoming performances?”

I got some things cooking…. so be sure to follow me and stay tuned to find out what! 🙂

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