Lil Lance grew up with a passion for rap music. His dad always told him don’t be a trend follower be a trend setter. Lil Lance started making rhythms on his sister’s Yamaha keyboard. The hunger to be at the top increased and Lil Lance began reading dictionaries and freestylying to various topics. During the winter of 2012 his dad purchased beat making software and Lil Lance began his life time dream of rap.

Entertwine: What does a day in the life of Lil Lance look and sound like?

My average days are quite simple, I come home, do home, then I just rap. I rap for like 8 hours straight. I sit in my room writing lyrics in my notebook, writing about however I’m feeling at the moment.

What has it been like performing around your home state of Oklahoma?

It’s  been fantastic. I’ve been receiving a lot of love at the shows. My first show was at my friend Cody’s birthday party 2 years ago. Like at the beginning I had stage fright, but now I can just get on the stage, and like Nike says. “Just Do It”. image (1)

What events and experiences led to the writing and recording of your debut mixtape (“Doubleback”)? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks?

Well the first track “Thirsty H*s” is like a party song, the type of song you turn up to at the club. When I wrote this song I was just in a hyped up mode. The second track “Slow Gun” is strictly about hustling, and about how if someone gets in my way there will be a problem. I was headed to a show when I wrote the chorus for the song. The song Doubleback features a verse rapped by my little sister, the song is about making cash, and doubling it back. I made the song whenever I first turned $100 into $200. “Get Bodied” it’s a pretty cut to the point song (laughs). The song “Ashli” is about one of the first girls I ever fell  in love with, I was pretty emotional when I wrote this song. The song get this cash talks about how sleeping doesn’t make nothing, so you gotta get up and hustle. “Why Place” is another cut to the point song, about how if your not first, then you shouldn’t place. The classic song “Flossing” is about showing off and flaunting, the definition of flossing is riding around flashy. “That N***a” is about how people doubt me now, but when I’m up there with Jay, and Kanye they gonna be on my jock. “Lance’s ABCs” is jus a song I wrote to write, like I have over 1,000 songs written and I just had to put this cut on the debut. Now the final track “Making Moves” I wrote it at 1 o clock in the morning and recorded it at 3 and on this song I just wanted to show off my lyrical abilities.

You worked with a number of different producers on this project; what was the recording process like for each? Did it differ from track to track?

The recording process was pretty hard because each beat was different from the other, so I had to adjust my flow, when I was in the booth. It differed with every track like some tracks were simple and easy to record and other took 20 takes at least.

What does 2015 hold in store for Lil Lance?

2015 is my year to get myself known. To show everyone they Imma be at the top, and that Doubleback was just the beginning. I am currently working on two mixtape projects as of now. All Imma do this year is work, work, work. By 2016 everybody gonna know who Lil Lance is. I’m on a money mission, and its gonna get finished.

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