Linadrena is a french composer and visual artist based in Sydney. Coming from Guadeloupe, he lived 11 years in Paris where he started the Linadrena project. His music has been influenced by alternative Rock and movies scores. Linadrena likes to experiment and doesn’t follow any specific rules in the way he’s working. “The Journey” his first album was released in January 2015.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? You compose music and also create visual art, correct? What inspired the visual presentation of your album?

As a teenager I was fan of Nirvana, Deftones and Nine Inch nails. I then started watching a lot of movies and listing to classical composers like Wojciech Kilar and Steve Reich. Even if my music is more or less classified as electronic, I haven’t listened to a lot of electronic music but other styles integrating a bit of electronic like indus and triphop. My musical background as a musician is essentially built on my personal experimentations with instruments and no formal musical knowledge. I compose by instinct, I don’t follow any rules in terms of harmony or music style.

The visual part is made of all the things I experiment, for instance my mask was first a pattern drawn with pastels on paper before ending being painted on a crafted support. I’m trying to have fun working on every aspects of my project. It’s also constantly changing so I don’t know which direction it will always get to, and this is actually really inspiring.

About the album’s cover, I wrote a story on my blog about “The Journey”. Long story short, the character is looking for a new life from the dull and grey to the coloured dream life. The mask appears to be what he finds and what he wants to keep with him.

What is it like living in Sydney, Australia? You lived in Paris for 11 years before making this transition, correct? What was that like?

Sydney is to me the perfect mix between the two lives I had before. One growing up on a small tropical island with the nature and the other one studiing in Paris with a lot of interesting people and cultural attractions. Sydney offers this gorgeous nature all around as well as the opportunity to meat people coming from all around the world. People in Sydney are really easy going and happy with their lives. It’s a good place to have a nice family life at the beach and developing projects in the same time. It’s what I was looking for, a place where the light comes in and things to be possible. In Paris, I’ve never left home even after 11 years, in Sydney I’ve built a brand new life in a couple of months.

Are there any particular movie scores or rock acts that especially inspire you to create music? 

Rock acts: The Downward Spiral from Nine Inch Nails, Souvenirs from The Gathering, Godspeed Black You Emperor, Battles, 31Knots.

Movie scores: Swimming With Sharks from Tom Hiel, all the work done by Howard Shore with Cronenberg, Cliff Martinez, Kronos Quartet.

The Post Rock is probably the kind of music I enjoy the most in general.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your debut album “The Journey”? Could you tell us about each of the 11 tracks that are featured on the album? 

Well, the whole story is on my blog – I explain in this post the emotion behind each track. But if I wanted to add something to it I’d say all tracks except “Underwater” have been composed on the piano before moving to the guitar or some electronic instruments. “Underwater” has been composed on acoustic guitar around 2006 in Paris. I’m more comfortable to play guitar, but I compose easily on a piano. Some tracks were just being fully composed in a couple of nights like “Dizziness” or “Climbing the Rock”. A track like “The Journey” was quite tortured before being done.

What does 2015 hold in store for Linadrena? How will you market your debut record now that it has been released digitally? Are you already working on material for your next release?

One or two music videos will be promoting “The Journey” in the next couple of months. I will publish more visual art around this album as well. I’m already working on the second album. I’ll do things differently this time. I will release this year one or two singles before releasing the full album maybe next year. It’s still early stages but I will introduce my voice on this one. I’ve already wrote a few lyrics and might go back on full composition after working on the videos for “The Journey”.

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