Lonescar is a metal band straight out of the southmost tip of Texas. Over the years they have gained regional popularity as an “in your face” live act, delivering break-neck thrash speed, crushing solos, and groove based breakdowns. With influences such as Slayer, Lamb of God, Pantera, (old) Metallica, and Machine Head, Lonescar holds appeal to any fan of extreme music. The band is currently in the process of recording more music and putting a music video together for the track “Valley.” Check out Lonescar’s music, grab some merch, or visit them on any of their profiles!:

Entertwine: How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of your band name?

Michael: The members of the band met in middle school, around 2008, and we started to learn Black Sabbath and KISS covers so that we could play at our school functions. Our first two shows, which were school related, were for a crowd of 200+ students.

Mike: We went through a handful of lineup changes before getting to the point where we are now as Lonescar. I’d say we’ve never been better. I have known Michael (guitar) since we were kids and it wasn’t until 2009 that I picked up a bass guitar and joined his band. Shortly after, a friend of ours recommended we bring Alex (vocals) into the band since he wouldn’t shut up in class and was always singing. Towards the end of 2014 we got to a point where we were dangerously close to disbanding since morale was low on the search for a new drummer. However, in some twisted work of fate one Sunday when my atheist ass was dragged to church, I met Jc (drums). I remember hearing some scoffing as the priest was going on and thinking, “Hey, this guy gets it,” and as I turned to see who the guy was, I noticed he was wearing an Amon Amarth shirt with a drumstick necklace around his neck. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I asked if he played drums. He auditioned the next week and it was an instant match. A few months later, we auditioned Joel for guitar and we were set from there. Personally, I’ve never been happier with the band. It’s an honor to practice alongside these guys. Jc and Joel are serious musicians that have a ton to offer, and they push Michael, Alex and I to be better.

Michael: The name “Lonescar” is just a play on “Lone Star”. We wanted a name to embody our heritage without sounding cheesy. Obviously, that wasn’t accomplished.

What is it like living in South Texas? What is the music scene like in your hometown? Does it lend well to your heavier style?

Michael: At first, it was very rough. In high school, nobody wanted to hear your music unless you wore jeans that strangled your balls and wore your girl’s blouse. Since we are heavily influenced with older thrash bands, we were often found playing to the wrong crowd. It wasn’t until much later when we found a scene that was right up our alley. It was a tad smaller scene, but the quality was there. The bands were seasoned and professional playing fast and heavy music. The fans were wilder and they weren’t afraid to show their support.

Mike: Considering that we were all 16 or 17 at the time, we stood out because we were the only band our age playing music that didn’t sound like Suicide Silence or Oceano, which is what everyone wanted at that time. Deathcore was really blowing up and was the popular thing to do. Now that it has blown over, we’re the one of the only ones still standing from that local band era who’ve stuck to our guns. The others have either disbanded or become EDM artists.

What can you tell us about the tracks you’ve released so far (‘Valley’, ‘Bloodluck’, and ‘Awakening’); what inspired the writing of these original compositions? You’re working on more new material as we speak, right?

Michael: Awakening was the first song we recorded back when we were in high school. It is a rough demo track, so it doesn’t sound on par with Bloodluck and Valley. When writing Awakening, it started off with a clean intro riff, and it built on from there. The song is just riff-o-rama. It never grows dull because of all the changes. This was probably more from a Machine Head influence, which we jammed to a lot in high school. We still do, actually. Since Bloodluck and Valley were recorded much later, they embody our current sound. Bloodluck is a very fast, thrash inspired song with some heavy parts in it. It’s crowd pleaser at our shows. Valley was pretty strange to write. If you saw us writing it, you’d think we used to ride the short bus when we were kids. It was basically written with our mouths. “Hey dude, on this part it should go duh-duh-boom! And this part should go do-weeeeoo do-weeeeeo.” That’s why the song is easy to digest since it was all groove played from the gut. Recently, we had a change in our line-up. Jc came in to fill in the drums, and this guy definitely brings a brutal element. Joel came in and he has an awesome sense of melody with a broad spectrum of influence. We recently performed our newest song “My Code” in San Antonio after a year of not making anything new. It was a breath of fresh air, and we are eager to write more stuff.

Joel: We are definitely shitting out new material every day.


Mike: Our writing situation is a bit unique compared to the other bands in our area. Michael attends The University of Texas at San Antonio, which is four hours up north from the rest of us in Weslaco. There’s definitelly a lot of online riffage sent between him and Joel. Joel actually has a ton of ideas and contributes heavily to the writing process now, which is something we weren’t used to with our previous line up, so we have plenty of ideas churning right now that are extremely close to being materialized. One thing that really gets me excited is that now Lonescar has two guitarists capable of producing these amazing guitar solos, and that opens up the door to dual leads, harmonies, etc. In short, all I can really say is that if you love heavy riffs and breakneck speed, y’all are in for a treat with this upcoming material.

What instruments, amplifiers, and other musical and recording equipment does the band use live and in-studio?

Michael: Ibanez and LTD guitars, Line 6 head and cab, and Dunlop, Electro-Harmonix, and BOSS pedals.

Joel: Orange cabs with Celestion Vintage 30’s, Fender EVH 5150 III, Neutrik Cables, Jackson and Charvel guitars with EMGs, Seymour Duncans and DiMarzios, Tung Sol and Sovtek power tubes, Snark tuner, and DR strings.

Mike: Hartke 2500 bass amplifier, Yamaha BBT410S 4×10 cab, Gallien-Krueger RBX 8×10 cab, LTD F-154DX bass guitar, Dean Spire bass guitar, Epiphone Thunderbird Bass guitar, Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm picks, Fender and Peavy cables, Pro-lok soft case, ChromaCast hard case, and a Snark tuner.

Jc: Mapex Horizon drums, Sabian/Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth 5A nylon tip.

Alex: an apple shaped like Teddy Roosevelt’s mustache.

Expensive ass recording and mastering was done outstandingly by Charlie Vela at Sound of Rain Studios in Edinburg, Texas (https://charlievelarecording.wordpress.com).

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Valley’? When will that video be released to the public? What else does 2015 hold in store for Lonescar?

Mike: So far, the video is in preproduction. We’re aiming for a release sometime before the end of the second quarter. The idea behind it will be a bit humorous, since we figure there’s already enough “Oh look at me, I’m so tough and scary grrrrr,” metal music videos out there already. This year will see us playing more shows than we ever have in the past, as well as aiming to get on some bigger productions as well. Bearing that in mind, we just want to thank all who’ve stuck with us thus far and want to welcome those just getting to know us. We update our social media pages constantly and love to interact with fans, so don’t hesitate to get at us and bootleg our jams with your squad!

From Lonescar to you, KEEP THAT SHIT METAL.

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eBay – for merchandise (http)://www.ebay.com/itm/261667925923)

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