“Luke ‘B-RiT” Brosious is an accomplished local entrepreneur and Hip-Hop artist based in Connecticut. What started out as a poetic talent, mixed with his love of music to create emotionally driven, impactful records that have risen him to the top of the charts for over a half a decade with a growing fan-base. Strictly independent, he writes, records, and works with producers closely, while promoting on Twitter, Facebook and ReverbNation, and soon, Spotify.”

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? Could you tell us about your involvement with Sound Wavez Entertainment? How and why did you choose your stage name?

I started loving music from a very early age. When I was around 4 My mother bought me a radio which I played with, and started loving all sorts of music, from all different stations. Hip Hop was always looked down on my house when I was younger, my father repeating “Rap is Crap” whenever the opportunity presented itself. Naturally, this made me curious and I would listen to late night hip hop every night, and I fell in love first with the sound, but then the talent, art and skill of it, and that songs can be crafted to hone in on a message that really hits home. I was asked to join SWE almost 13 years later because I put my heart into my music, and dedication gave me the skillset to capture the minds of other people, and other creatives like the founder, Aye-Jay. We had worked together previously, and made a handful of songs that were a hit in our hometown, and get revered as classics. The name I took, B-RiT, is nothing but a combination of my last name (Brosious) and the imagination of a childhood friend. It was given to me, and stuck. It grew on me, and now it’s my second name.


What is it like living in Connecticut? What is the music scene of your hometown (Wallingford) like?

Connecticut is quiet, its nice. Other than the temperamental weather, it’s a pretty friendly place to be. I was born in Meriden and raised for the majority of my life in Wallingford, which I came to find out, was bustling with activity from underground artists of many genres. In high school there were bands, rappers, r&b artists, but I never saw a drive or passion for it, like my crew or I have. In the beginning, no one else but Aye-Jay would follow through on a collaboration or project, even when he’s got his own releases.

You recently released a new 16-song mixtape titled “Toxic Thoughts”; could you tell us about a few of the featured tracks? What led you to write and record the compositions that make up this album? New albums normally come out on Tuesdays; was there a reason you released the album on Valentine’s Day (a Saturday)?Toxic_Thoughts

I’m excited for a few tracks, one of them being Touchdown. It’s the opening record, and it’s fairly short. I love it because as I was writing the first verse and chorus, I realized I’ve said what I wanted to say, and I felt it was perfect, so I ended it. I didn’t want to risk making a long track just for the sake of play-time, and end up ruining the feeling and sound I was trying to give to it. Only Time Can Tell was another exciting track to make with my longtime friend, Riki Lynne. It’s a full piano and strings instrumental, written from my poetic background, and is really different than anything else I have done so far, and I love the results. I’m Wounded Featuring Aye-Jay is another fantastic track that we worked closely together on to dedicate to a very strong mutual friend of ours. All of the tracks on Toxic Thoughts are from whatever ‘toxic thoughts’ I’m thinking about. Good or bad, they were on the forefront of my mind, and were topics I just needed to write about, for me and anyone else who can relate to my words.

I released the album on Valentine’s day simply because it was fully completed about a week prior, and I decided to release it as a surprise to my fans who maybe didn’t have plans that day.

You have 83 recordings featured on your website; do all of these recordings contain original lyrical content? Did you work with many of the same producers on these tracks or are there various producers you worked with to bring them to life?


I currently have 99 songs on my Reverb Nation page, and all of them are written by me, and me alone. Most of them are fully written in about an hour, and those which aren’t are finished soon after. My lyrics are my legacy, and my pride. I take care in writing what I want, and I am careful not to overthink things. I have a good sense of flow and trust my judgment. Not every song is a hit, and some are better than others, but my writing style has only brought me good feedback in how direct but creative I can use words. When I do get the urge to write, whenever that is, I have a list of outside producers, as well as an in house producer, DJ Jake Z, who have their work readily available, and I play through hundreds of beats sometimes until I find one that clicks with me. When that happens, I wait for the beat to talk to me, how it makes me feel, a first line that can start off a song, which any artist can tell you is the hardest part, but the most fun to me.

What does 2015 hold in store for B-RiT? How will you market “Toxic Thoughts” now that it has been released digitally?


2015 is going to be our year, for SWE and our partners. We have been talking to bring to life some truly amazing, all internal, original music, which will really define us as the group of artists we are, not just in sound, but production, videography and other facets of media. Right now, I finished and released my new single ‘Bed of Lies’ with Aye-Jay, which has been getting played and downloaded and shared more than any other record; and every new verse I write will be better than the last, that’s a promise to myself, and a promise to my fans. Right now, Toxic Thoughts can be viewed on my Reverb Nation page, or though my social media. It’s free, and will be for as long as I’m writing. We have plans in the works to bring it to over 30 different online distributers like Google, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to enjoy the effort I put into my music.




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