With early memories of his uncle (Louis Anthony McCall, 1951-1997) on stage as the drummer for Con Funk Shun, one of the most popular funk bands of the 70’s and 80’s, M-Dash’s destiny has always been music. M-Dash has the innate ability to write not only light and humorous lyrics, but also deep and thought-provoking prose. His voice, lyrics and persona are not only appealing to local Bay Area and California rap music lovers, but to national and international fans as well. This is evidenced by his growing sales and increasing fan base – sales have done particularly well in the Northwest, the Southwest, Northern California and Japan.

Entertwine: What is it like living in the Bay Area? What is the music scene of your hometown (Vallejo) like compared to those of San Francisco and Oakland?   

There is no place like the Bay Area. The Weather, the music, the diverse people. The Music scene in Vallejo is real hot right now. This is the home of Mac Dre and E-40. Legendary Icons and now we have a younger generation thats on fire right now and creating thier own lanes. Vallejo is hungry, anxious, determined, focused and ready to unleash a lot of heat in 2015.

Could you tell us a bit about your new single ‘Talk To Me’? What was it like collaborating with Raulie Barron and Willie Joe on this track?

Talk to Me is the first single off my new Album “Cal Bear”. Its alot of peoples favorite slap on the album. The beat has that old school vintage bay sound that we loved and Im on that thang bustin hard with my fam Willie Joe. Me and Willie Joe are from the same city and it was dope to finally collab with my bruh. He did his thang on Talk To Me. Its always an honor working with my bro Raulie Barron. We always have a good time in the studio and he keeps the hennesy on ice. He is a beast on the hooks.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your full-length release “Cal Bear”? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks? You were able to collaborate with a number of other artists on this project; what was that experience like?

I had been working on Cal Bear for a while now. But some things happen in life that slowed down the creative process and the direction I was trying to go. Then I went and dropped my album IPOD MUSIC which was full of West Coast Bangers. I was able to focus on CAL Bear again last year and really do what I had planned with the album and talk about things I really went thru, things I experienced and situations I encountered. The collaborations were planned from the jump. It was just up to me to follow thru and make things happen. The artist I collaborated with on CAL BEAR are artist that I respect and have a rapport with. It was dope to make music with artist like YukMouth, Black C from RBL and Coolio Da UndaDogg.

What was it like working on the music video for ‘If It Ain’t Me’?

It was a lot of Fun. We shot that video in San Mateo. Shiesty shot and directed the video. The song was produced by C Major. Thats a west coast banger right there! Shout out my my bruh Marsh Nut. He was rockin with me in that video.

What does 2015 hold in store for M-Dash?

We have alot of new music ready to drop. First I am releasing the Focused Compilation in March. Focused has 14 bangers on it and its going to surprise alot of people. It will be available for Free on DatPiff. I will also be dropping my new Solo album “Music is Life”…….we also just finished the new NBD ALBUM “Ear Candy”…..and I am about 75% done with an album I am working on called “Inexplicit” that is entirely produced by Tatem 1. I will also be dropping HOT singles in the mean time and in between time. Check Me Out!

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