March To May is a folk-pop duo from Seattle, WA. Members Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche have lived and performed all over the Western Hemisphere. Their critically acclaimed debut album, “The Water’s Edge” was released on April 25, 2015. They currently have the #3 video on popular site,, and are currently continuing to be on the rise – the best part? We got to ask them about it all in this exclusive ET interview!

Entertwine: What led you to pursue a career in music? We could almost say a career in music pursued us! Neither of us were expecting anything of this nature to happen when we met by coincidence in December of 2012. We became close friends very quickly, but had no idea that would lead to such an incredible musical chemistry. Prior to meeting, Darren had been casually pursuing music as a soloist and Beth had actually just told her parents that she was going to put music aside.

What experiences or life events have shaped your music? In addition to both of us having some classical training, travel has also influenced our music quite strongly. We have both spent significant time in South and Central America, as well as in the Pacific Northwest. Geography and place play an instrumental role in influencing our style of songwriting, both melodically and lyrically.


Who or what influences you to write and perform? One of our biggest influences is being out in nature, and having space to breathe and look at the world a little differently. Whether we’re writing directly about our environment or not, something about getting away being surrounded by the natural world unlocks something powerful in our music, and channels the words and melodies in us that wouldn’t come out otherwise. As for performing, we draw a lot of inspiration from other artists in our musical community, as well as from the energy of our fans who come to our shows – there’s nothing more powerful than looking out from on stage and seeing people really connect with our music!

What are some of the most exciting live performances you’ve been a part of? Our album release this past April was definitely a highlight. We played to a sold out crowd, and the energy was amazing. Not to mention the venue! Taking over the Virginia V, a historic 1920s steamship, as a concert venue was a really one-of-a-kind experience. Another highlight for us was singing with our friend Jenn Grinels on stage at the Triple Door when she was on tour here in Seattle. She’s a phenomenal performer and a good friend; getting to sing with her was a lot of fun.

What is in store for you for the rest of 2015? We’ve got a lot in the works right now! We’re working on wrapping up a music video for our song “Georgia,” and we’re hitting the road for a little West Coast tour next month. We’ll also be heading to the East Coast in October!

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