Matt Johncox, the rugged yet charming guy from Upstate NY that some are calling the future of hiphop is slated to drop his new mixtape some time. All By Myself being Matt’s first solo mixtape is already shaping up to be one of the most epic mixtapes to come out of the top of New York Ever. Read more to get to know the one they call “Young Elvis.”

Who are some of your influences when writing and/or playing and why? Do you feel that these influences are channeled through your music?

I would deft have to go with Jay-z and Biggie. But latley I been listeing to Joe Budden. And I dont really think you can hear anybody but me through my music. I feel I have a different style than everybody else.

What is the story behind the name, “Young Elvis?”

Ive played in tons of bars with long haired bikers and rockers (shout out to Caged) and all the old guys always be bustin my balls like “who do you think you are the young Elvis” So I went with it.

Tell us a bit about your latest mixtape that is set to release very soon. Which would you say really encapsulates your sound the most and why?

All By Myself is the next mixtape Im releasing. This mixtape is actually All By Myself. No features. No other voices excpet mine(and I think there might be a voice sample or two) But it has 16 songs. Some of the songs are off older projects with 5 new never heard before songs. I have a deep smooth voice some say its even sexy idk about that lol but when you hear me you know its me

What are your plans for 2014? Tours? Releases?

2014 is looking good. Looking like All By Myself will drop. Im also slated to drop another mixtape. Lots of shows over the summer. Some big name features are coming. A lot more interviews and press. and to top it all off looking like Ill be going to Europe at the end of the year for a tour over there. And Maybe just maybe a push in the 2015 XXl freshman class. All in all should be a very fun year. Thank you for having me, it’s been a pleasure
Shout out to my real fans.

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    None of this is true look it up lol …its no wonder no one takes this guy seriously …just makes up his accolades …doesnt matter if theyre pure bullshit ….fake rapper… fake interview…shameful